Dalil Boubakeur

French Muslim leader calls for doubling of number of mosques

France — Link

Dalil Boubakeur said current number of 2,200 mosques in France did not adequately represent Europe’s largest Muslim community.

Charlie Hebdo massacre: the dilemma for French Muslims

France — Opinion

As the first cracks appear in the “national unity” urged by President François Hollande, the spotlight has been turned on the reaction of French Muslims. Ahead of Sunday's 'Republican march' to show solidarity over the Charlie Hebdo killings, the far right and sections of the Right have called on France's Muslims to condemn the massacre publicly. On the Left, opinions are divided on the issue. Mediapart's Hubert Huertas argues that we are faced with two very different visions of France – one that demands assimilation, the other that embraces diversity.