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France dismisses UK criticism over warships sale to Russia

French foreign minister reacts to British PM's attack, citing sizeable presence of Russian oligarchs in London and the 'financial sector'.

France’s voice barely heard in debate on top EU job

President François Hollande has played a background role in saga over who should be Commission president as UK and Germany slug it out.

EU treaty change ‘not a priority’, says Hollande

At Anglo-French summit Hollande dismays UK premier by saying he has no desire for a new treaty before next presidential elections in 2017.

Cameron to press Hollande over EU at UK-France summit

French president thought unlikely to back British prime minister's call for greater EU 'flexibility' in first Anglo-French summit for four years.

Cameron trumpets British recovery in 'swipe at France'

UK premier's talk of countries with 'increasing unemployment, industrial stagnation and enterprise in free-fall' seen as attack on French policies.

Hollande 'tells Cameron France won't help his EU reforms'

French president 'has warned' UK prime minister over referendum gamble that he will not agree to EU reform for Cameron's domestic political gain.

Paris, Berlin warn Cameron not to 'cherry pick' with EU

Germany and France insist that they both want the UK to remain an active and constructive member of the EU but, they warn, not at any price.

British PM 'reassured' over French tax grab on holiday homes

David Cameron has been “reassured” by President Hollande over plans to levy punitive new taxes on British owners of French holiday homes.

Why François Hollande hopes David Cameron won't roll out the red carpet

France's President Normal is due to meet the 'chillaxing' British prime minister in London, but there are plenty of tensions in the relationship.

The wealth gap in France, the need for fiscal reform, and the hypocrisy of David Cameron


A study just published by the French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies (INSEE) reveals that the richest 20% of households in France own 71% of all household wealth. Mediapart finance and economics correspondent Laurent Mauduit argues here why that and other telling statistics from the study highlight the urgency of the new French socialist government’s fiscal reform plans, and shine a harsh light on the hypocritical attack launched against them by British PM David Cameron.

Cameron ignites new war of words with France

UK PM David Cameron slams French President François Hollande's plans to raise taxes on the wealthy while meeting business leaders at G-20 summit.

UK threat to cut EU French farm subsidies if budget rebate targeted

Britain threatens cuts in generous EU subsidies to French farmers if President François Hollande challenges its annual EU budget rebate.

France and UK sign nuclear energy agreement

UK Prime Minister David Cameron and French President Nicolas Sarkozy agree to civil nuclear energy development pact at a summit in Paris.

Cameron snaps back at Sarkozy over banks tax and 'UK has no industry' jibe

UK PM David Cameron says London will greet French banks fleeing transaction tax and dismisses French president's 'Britain has no industry' claim.

Cameron threatens veto on any EU-wide financial transaction tax

As President Sarkozy pushes for a financial transaction tax, UK Prime Minister David Cameron says he would veto any EU-wide measure.