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Indonesia commutes death sentence for French drug smuggler

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A 35-year-old French man who was handed a death sentence earlier this year after he was found guilty of smuggling a suitcase of drugs into the Indonesian island of Lombok has had his sentence commuted to 19 years in jail.

Iraq passes death sentence on three French accused of joining IS

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An Iraqi court has sentenced to death three French men who it found guilty of having joined the ranks of the so-called Islamic State (IS) group in Syria, where they were among 12 French citizens captured by US-backed forces and transferred to Iraq.

Death sentence for French man in Indonesia drug smuggling case

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Félix Dorfin, 35, who was arrested last September on the Indonesian island of Lombok carrying a suitcase filled with about three kilos of drugs, including ecstasy and amphetamines, has been sentenced to death by a local court despite a recommendation by prosecutors that he serve 20 years in jail. 

Indonesian court rejects French man's appeal against death sentence

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Serge Atlaoui, who was arrested at an ecstasy laboratory in 2005, now faces firing squad after supreme court bid fails.

When François Mitterrand ordered deaths of 45 Algerians


Former socialist president François Mitterrand, under whom the death penalty was eventually abolished in France, ordered the execution of 45 Algerian prisoners when he was justice minister during the 1954-1962 Algerian independence war. This and other little-known facts about Mitterrand's ruthless stance against Algerian nationalists are detailed in a French television documentary based on a book co-authored by historian Benjamin Stora, interviewed here by Mediapart.