This infant girl was found dead on a beach in Tunisia, a tragedy met with indifference

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The washed-up corpse of an infant girl (photo) was found on December 24th on a beach in Tunisia’s Kerkennah Islands, in almost identical circumstances as that of three-year-old Alan Kurdi, found on a beach in Turkey in 2015. Both drowned during an attempted crossing of the Mediterranean Sea. But while the shocking photo of the little boy’s body made headlines around the world, that of the unidentified little girl has prompted no such interest, nor any political reaction, highlighting a creeping indifference towards such tragedies. Nejma Brahim reports from Tunisia, where she spoke with those who routinely face the horrors of the Mediterranean ‘graveyard’.

Police probe slams French coastguard over migrant deaths in Channel

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A gendarmerie report into the deaths of 27 migrants whose boat sank in the Channel en route to England from France last November has found that the Calais coastguard failed to respond to several earlier distress calls, opening the possibility of prosecution proceedings, according to French press reports.

UK agrees to open full inquiry into Channel drowning deaths of 27

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The British government has announced the launching of a detailed investigation into the drowning last November of 27 people, three of whom were children, during their clandestine crossing of the Channel from France to England, following legal action by lawyers acting for several of the victims' families who suspect 'serious failings' in rescue operations.

The tragedy in the Channel, and the fears of more to come

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At least 27 people, including three children and seven women, one of who was pregnant, died in the Channel off the French port of Calais on Wednesday as they attempted to reach Britain in a clandestine journey by dinghy, according to the latest official toll. Sheerazad Chekaik-Chaila reports from Calais on the scenes as recovered bodies were brought to the quayside after the deadliest known tragedy involving migrants attempting to cross the Channel, and one which rescue services warn could be repeated with the arrival of treacherous winter conditions.

At least 31 migrants die off Calais during attempted crossing to UK

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At least 31 migrants attempting to cross the Channel to Britain have died after their dinghy capsized on Thursday afternoon in seas close to the French port of Calais, where a search for survivors is continuing into the night. 

Two French patients with Covid-19 Delta variant have died

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The two patients who had contracted the Delta variant were aged 42 and 60, and whose health status was marked by a number of risk factors; neither were vaccinated.

French court throws out case against US firms behind Agent Orange

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A legal case brought by a 79-year-old French-Vietnamese woman against US firms that manufactured the highly toxic herbicidal cocktail known as Agent Orange, massively employed by US forces during the Vietnam War, causing deaths, diseases and malformations of those exposed to the chemical, has been dismissed by a French court on the grounds that the companies were acting 'on the orders' of the US government, which was engaged in a 'sovereign act'.  

Seven people die in avalanches in the French Alps

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Two groups of walkers in the alpine Savoie region of eastern France were separately struck by avalanches on Saturday, when seven of the ramblers were killed and one saved by rescue services.

At least four migrants dead after boat capsizes in Channel

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At least four people, believed to be Iranian nationals and including two children aged 5 and 8, were drowned after their boat bound for Britain and carrying at least 19 people capsized in difficult weather conditions in the Channel after they embarked in a clandestine crossing from France.

Two French soldiers killed in Mali

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Two French soldiers died and a third was wounded after an explosive device was triggered beside their armoured vehicle in the north-east of Mali, bringing the total number of French military personnel killed since anti-terrorist operations in the country and Sahel region began seven years ago to 45.

France's virus death toll rises by 240 to 1,100

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A French public health official also said there are 2,516 people needing life support.

Bodies of two young migrants found on Channel beach in France

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Two bodies identified as those of a 17-year-old Iraqi Kurd and that of a 22-year-old Iraqi man were found washed up on a beach in northern France on Monday close to an inflatable boat believed to have been used in an attempt to cross the Channel to Britain.

French Foreign Legion officers on trial over training deaths

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Four officers of France's Foreign Legion are on trial for alleged manslaughter over the deaths of six recruits in an avalanche in January 2016 while on a training exercise in the French Alps.

French farmers blame electromagnetic fields for mystery animal deaths

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The mysterious deaths of livestock on some French farms, which remain unexplained despite a recent scientific study, are being blamed by some farmers on electromagnetic fields created by nearby wind turbine installations and mobile phone transmitters.

Family dispute suspected after five found dead in SW France flat

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Two couples and a child were found dead in an apartment in the town of Pau, south-west France, after neighbours reported smoke coming from inside it and seeing blood on a window.