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Man and woman found dead in French castle moat after 'lovemaking' fall

Police said the bodies were at the foot of Vauban Fort on the French Channel island of Chausey, and suspected they had slipped while having sex. 

French police officers acquitted of 2005 teen deaths

The two officers were accused of failing to help two boys who fled from them into a power substation near Paris in 2005, sparking weeks of riots.

European Commission agrees Hollande call for summit on Med migrant crisis

The French president urged a meeting of foreign, interior ministers after drownings of about 700 EU-bound migrants off Libya this weekend.

Five skiers die in avalanches in French and Swiss Alps

A cross-country skier was the 28th person killed by avalanches in the French Alps this winter, while four Italians died on slopes in Switzerland.

Four dead, three missing in floods in southern France

Days of heavy rainfall followed by violent storms have caused flash flooding, with the southern Var département (county) hit worst.

Two base jumpers die in separate accidents in French Alps

A 33 year-old Australian died after jumping from a 2,600-metre peak, while a 52 year-old Frenchman is thought to have hit a rockface.

July road deaths hit 60-year low in France

A total of 304 people were killed in accidents on France's roads last month compared with 344 in the same period in 2013.

'Hundreds' of homeless dying on French streets

A French charity reports that at least 453 homeless died around France in 2013, calling for a public remembrance ceremony on March 18th.

More than 21,000 birds found dead after fierce storms in France

The 21,341 recorded bird deaths were mostly Atlantic puffins, guillemots and razor-billed auks which starved after winds blew them off course. 

Deadly avalanches sweep French Alps

At least 24 people have died in avalanches in France and Switzerland since Christmas; a similar number have escaped, many with serious injuries.

France recalls nutrient bags that killed 3 newborns in December

Several unused IV nutrient bags from the same batch given to the newborns who died were found to have traces of bacteria, says hospital.

Man and woman die after shooting in Paris bar

The young couple were shot at close range as they sat at a café terrace in a southern district of the capital, the gunman escaping.

Hollande arrives in CAR after French soldier’s deaths

President visits Central African Republic following killing of two soldiers in firefight near main airport during French troops' bid to restore calm.

France fears extremists will 'take advantage' of Egypt violence

French foreign minister Laurent Fabius urges Egyptian military and police to show 'maximum restraint' in face of protests by Muslim Brotherhood.

Seven drown off southern French coast

Seven men drowned over the weekend off six different beaches on France's Mediterranean coast amid high winds and strong currents.