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Two children in social care found dead in pond north of Paris

Three other children among a group aged three to eight were found unconscious in a pond by a hotel where they lived in temporary accomodation.

Thousands of deaths per year in France because of medication

Expert says 18,000 people die as a result of the side effects of certain medications, many of which are handed out under unjustified prescriptions.

Fifth French soldier killed in Mali

The victim was a French corporal who was tracking down jihadist fighters in their northern Mali mountain bastions, officials said.

French watchdog confirms deaths from drug used as contraceptive

Drug designed to combat acne but which was also prescribed as a female contraceptive caused four deaths, says France's drug safety agency.

Five die in apartment fire in Paris suburb

Five people, including a child, were killed in an overnight fire that swept their apartment in the suburb of Gennevilliers, north of Paris.

Four dead in French Alps mystery shooting massacre of family from Surrey

Two young girls are the only survivors of a shooting attack on a holidaying family from Britain that left four dead in woodland in the French Alps.

Four dead as forest fires rage on French and Spanish borders

Four French people have died in forest fires raging between France and northern Catalonia in Spain, the worst in the region in more than 20 years.

Hollande leads solemn tribute to French soldiers killed in Afghanistan

President François Hollande and his predecessor Nicolas Sarkozy attended a ceremony in Paris to honour four French soldiers killed in Afghanistan.

Four French troops dead, five wounded in Afghanistan suicide attack

Four French troops were killed and another five wounded in a suicide bomb attack in eastern Afghanistan on Saturday.

Pharmaceutical firm Servier stands trial over killer diabetes-weight loss drug

Trial opens of French pharmaceutical firm Servier for hiding dangers of diabetes drug used to lose weight and blamed for causing at least 500 deaths.

Two French soldiers shot dead by rogue Afghan soldier

Two French soldiers engaged in a support mission in Afghanistan were shot dead by an Afghan army soldier.

Wild boar deaths on French coast still baffle authorities

Tests find no clear reason for the mysterious deaths of 36 wild boars on France's northwestern coast, thought to be caused from seaweed gases.