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Daily Mail: Sarkozy tirade against Cameron suggests he knows that he, and France, are in serious trouble

Daily Mail columnist Simon Heffer says Sarkozy outburst at Cameron follows a mounting sense of failure and a diminishing reputation.

EFSF and France in downward spiral

The European Financial Stability Facility's spreads appear to have established a destructive correlation with France, with both hurt in knock-on spiral.

Sarkozy's skyscraper vision clouded by debt crisis

Paris's Praetorium, a tall office block opened in 2009, was the first step in President Sarkozy's revitalisation plan for La Défense. Today, it's still empty.

Europe crisis leaves French G-20 goals in tatters

President Sarkozy promised an "ambitious and humble" year as leader of the G-20, and has a lot to be humble about, comments AP business writer.

Dexia gets new bailout with 4bn-euro Belgian deal

Dexia has become the first casualty of the 2011 banking crisis, its Belgian arm being bought by Brussels with a 90bn-euro guarantee for its financing.

ECB's Noyer says French bank exposure exaggerated

A senior European Central Bank official said concerns over French banks' exposure to the debt of Greece, Spain and Ireland are exaggerated.

Greek PM 'to meet Sarkozy In Paris Friday'

Greek Prime Minister George Papandreou is expected to meet Fraench President Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris on Friday, a Greek government official said.

Siemens moves millions from French bank to ECB

German industrial group Siemens withdrew more than half-a-billion euros in deposits from a large French bank and transferred it to the ECB.

France Expresses Confidence in Banks After Downgrades

France dismissed concerns about its biggest banks, insisting that it had no plans to nationalize any of them despite a credit rating downgrade.

Europe's banks are staring into the abyss

Distinguished UK economist warns that French government is just days away from recapitalizing the country's banking system for a second time.

Downgrade rumours hit French banks

French banks fell sharply amid concerns that the eurozone debt crisis was reaching an impasse that would force Greece into credit default.

Stock markets, easy money and a game now over


The fire sweeping international stock markets brings the danger of a massive recession closer, amid frantic efforts by governments and central banks in Europe and America to ease the crisis. But, argues Martine Orange, the world of finance is starring into an abyss, only too aware that it is ‘game over' on three decades of easy money, with the public purse now empty and incapable of mounting a rescue as it did in 2008.

EU rescue fund can be added to if need be, says French finance minister

European governments will increase the EU's emergency rescue fund if need be to contain debt crisis, says French Finance Minister.

Société Générale targets likely to be missed after Greek losses

French bank Société Générale said it will not hit its profit target next year after suffering a near €400m writedown on its holding of Greek debt.

French Banks Pass European Stress Test

The Bank of France said Friday all four French banks taking part in the European stress tests have passed, thanks to diversified business models.