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Leaderless in Europe

Europe's leaders are in denial or paralyzed comments the New York Times in an op-ed warning of dire consequences of lack of political vision.

French banks agree Greek debt rollover

French banks have agreed a plan for a Greek debt rollover, which would see them reinvest in Greek sovereign bonds with longer maturities.

'We just lost the chance to rethink capitalism' laments Stiglitz


"The moment of rethinking capitalism in America has gone", bemoans Joseph E. Stiglitz, winner of the Nobel prize in economics, former World Bank chief economist and now professor of economics at Columbia University, in this exclusive interview with Mediapart. Stiglitz says the height of the current economic crisis was a lost opportunity to re-order the economy, "one of those rare moments, many of us thought a Roosevelt-ian moment" but "as soon as the fire was brought down, the political influences of the banks came back."