Court dismisses French football coach's defamation case against Cantona

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Didier Deschamps brought the case against Eric Cantona after the former Manchester United plater accused his former international teammate of racial discrimination in his choice of players for the 2016 European Champions.

French #MeToo founder wins ‘historic’ defamation appeal

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French journalist Sandra Muller, who coined the viral hashtag #balancetonporc ("expose your pig"),  had been sued by the man she accused of sexual harassment.

The 'final straw': why French singer Médine is suing an MP over 'Islamist rapper' claim

France — Interview

In an interview with Mediapart, the French rapper Médine explained why he is suing Member of Parliament Aurore Bergé of the ruling La République en Marche party for defamation after she described him as an “Islamist rapper” and accused him of “incitement to murder”. He told Mediapart: “She's ascribing an ideology to me which obviously isn't mine. It's the final straw. I'm hoping for a conviction and a public apology.” Ismaël Bine reports.

Actress Scarlett Johansson wins defamation case against French novelist

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But court rejects star's argument that novel exploited her image and awarded her €2,500 in damages rather than the €50,000 she claimed.

Strauss-Kahn to sue over film about sex attack scandal

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The disgraced former IMF chief launches legal action for defamation over film inspired by his 2011 arrest in New York on rape charges.

Media analyst convicted over France 2 Palestinian boy footage

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The expert was found guilty of defamation after accusing state television network of staging video depicting boy being killed in Gaza.

Former French minister in court over 'fascist' slur against Mediapart


After Mediapart broke a series of stories in 2010 about the Bettencourt Affair that appeared to implicate a government minister, the then-ruling UMP party's general secretary Xavier Bertrand attacked what he called the website's 'fascist methods'. Mediapart responded by taking the unusual step of launching a defamation action against the politician. This week the case finally came to trial. Jérôme Hourdeaux reports on the proceedings.

French budget minister files defamation suit against Mediapart

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French budget minister Jérôme Cahuzachas announced he is to sue Mediapart over its report that he held a secret Swiss bank account until 2010.