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France is on 'war economy' footing says Macron

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Speaking at a weapons industry fair, French president said Europe needed 'a much larger defence industry' to avoid relying on suppliers elsewhere for its equipment needs, and called for bigger defence budgets.

France to boost defence spending in 'unprecedented' move

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Plan is to increase spending by a third between 2017 and 2025 to meet NATO commitments and modernise France's army and nuclear deterrent.

How Macron's row with top general lifts curtain on labour law reforms

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President Emmanuel Macron’s government last week announced a package of public spending cuts, including 850 million euros to be slashed from France’s 2017 defence budget in an effort to bring the public deficit to below 3% of GDP, as demanded by the EU. That prompted a furious reaction from the French military’s chief-of-staff, General Pierre de Villiers, who was subsequently publicly slapped down by Macron, reminding the general who is “the boss”. In this wry analysis of the spat and the controversy it has provoked, Mediapart political commentator Hubert Huertas sees an illustration of political gymnastics by Left and Right, but also a surprising insight into Macron’s forthcoming labour law reforms.

Macron and top French general at war over defence cuts

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French President Emmanuel Macron and army chief-of-staff General Pierre de Villiers are embroiled in an escalating public row over the announcement of a reduction of 850 million euros from the 2017 defence budget, with Macron ordering the general to toe the line and politicians of the Right and Left siezing one of their first opportunities to attack the new president's early measures.