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French PM warns of more cuts to contain 'spiralling' deficit

New government faces test to find extra savings deemed necessary by audit office, after the last administration overspent in its final months.

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French deficit figures mean economy is improving, says minister

After better-than-expected deficit data for 2014, France's finance minister Michel Sapin said there were reasons to be confident about growth.

EU grants France two-year delay on deficit targets

In a third reprieve obtained by Paris, the European Commission has allowed France until 2017 to bring its public deficit to under 3% of GDP.

EU discontent over French budget deal

Officials fear leaving Paris unpunished for persistently failing to curb its budget deficit may make it harder for euro to weather a future crisis.

EU sets France tough targets to reduce deficit by 2017

Finance minister Michel Sapin says targets are 'demanding' but realistic as France faces having to find additional savings by 2017.

France given more time to meet EU budget deficit target

EU officials are to grant an extra two years to French government, who now have until 2017 to bring deficit down to under 3% of GDP.

France 'seeks to delay' deficit target until 2018

German business newspaper reports that Paris has asked for another extension on its deadline to bring budget deficit below 3% of GDP.

Why France shows courage in diagnosing its economic ills

Since 1999, France has a more impressive record on economic growth, productivity and financial sector stability than many eurozone peers.

German finance minister against giving France deficit reduction leeway

Wolfgang Schäuble said European budget rules should not be softened for France which had twice failed to meet deficit deadlines.

Brussels casts doubt on France’s deficit reduction strategy

Commission says reform programme unveiled by President François Hollande in January had 'insufficient' detail to match its ambitions.

France set to miss key deficit target says European Commission

But French finance minister Michel Sapin insisted in a statement that Paris would meet the 3 percent target in 2015.

France to seek EU review of deficit deadlines

French finance minister Michel Sapin said there was a 'thin line' between budgetary rigour and an economically choking excess of austerity.

France to miss deficit target: EU

The latest European Commission economic forecasts say the French government deficit will hit 4.1 percent this year, 3.8 percent next year.

France says 2013 deficit to be higher, 2014 growth lower

Finance minister Pierre Moscovici said 2013 public deficit will come in at 4.1 percent of GDP, higher than the 3.9 percent agreed with EU.

French public deficit 'to exceed 3.7% target'

French finance minister Pierre Moscovici has confirmed that the 'public deficit will be a little higher than expected'.