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France 'sure' that EC will approve its under-target 2015 budget plan

French economy minister said he is 'totally sure' of commission's approval, even though budget deficit targets would not be met before 2017.

France overshoots deficit target

Staistics released Monday show France's deficit fell to 4.3% of GDP in 2013, missing the set target by 0.2% despite austerity measures.

France misses 2012 budget deficit target

The nominal deficit last year was 4.8% of GDP while public debt rose last year to 1.8tn euros, representing a record 90.2% of GDP.

France to miss deficit target, President Hollande says

The country's deficit will "without a doubt" be 3.7% of its output this year, he said, above the 3% he promised to cut it to during the election last year.

IMF advises France to halt tax hikes and cut spending

IMF says France would hurt economic activity with further tax hikes aimed at reaching 3% deficit target, which it predicts is already missed.