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Front National suspends Riviera party official over Holocaust denial

The head of the far-right party's branch in Nice, Benoît Loeuillet, was recorded in an undercover interview for a TV documentary as saying that the mass extermination of six million European Jews during WWII did not happen.

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Oxford University denies plans to open campus in France post-Brexit

The prestigious British university has denied press reports, citing a former ranking French education ministry official, that it plans to open a campus in France after Britain leaves the European Union in order to continue to receive EU funding, but said it is considering 'constructive and helpful proposals' on the issue of European financing.

French railways operator denies offering migrants free travel

The SNCF denied media reports that migrants were to get free tickets to travel around France, but said waving reservation fees was a 'possibility'.

French finance minister denies revision to 2013 growth forecast

Pierre Moscovi says there is "no change" in the country's growth forecast, after he gave an interview suggesting the figure had been revised downward.

French foreign minister denies tax-evasion ‘rumour’

Newspaper says that Laurent Fabius is being investigated by Mediapart for allegedly holding Swiss bank account; Mediapart hits back at newspaper.