Uber to set up Paris lab to develop flying taxi project

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US transport company Uber has said it will invest 20 million euros over the next five years in a Paris-based laboratory, in cooperation with the prestigious Ecole Polytechnique engineering school, for the development of sky taxis, which it hopes will be operational by 2023.

The reality of France's '30 glorious' post-war boom years


A three-decade period that began with the reconstruction of post-war France in 1945, which saw steady economic growth, full employment, the development of a consumer society and a baby-boom is widely known in the country as “les Trente Glorieuses”. Recurrent economic crises since have made many nostalgic of a long-gone, supposedly blissful “thirty glorious” years. But a number of historians argue that for most of the population there never was this golden age that has become a national legend. Nicolas Chevassus-au-Louis reports on the myth and reality of the Trente Glorieuses.

Mali crisis: France host talks on post-war development

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As France prepares to pull out its troops, Malian and French officials in Lyon are discussing how to stop militants launching fresh attacks on civilians.