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French comedian Dieudonné 'barred' from Hong Kong

Comic whose anti-Semitic comments have stirred up controversy says he and two sons were detained by Hong Kong police for 14 hours.

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French comedian in court over comments about Jewish radio presenter

Dieudonné, accused of inciting racial hatred for saying presenter 'reminds me of the gas chambers', said he was a 'comedian not an historian'.

Anelka gesture comic Dieudonne banned from UK

Home Office has barred entry to the French comedian, who had been due to visit his friend the West Bromwich Albion striker Nicolas Anelka.

Dieudonné released after bailiff assault allegation

The anti-Semitic French comic was arrested after a bailiff complained of being assaulted when demanding payment from him of several fines.

Fans flock to French comic Dieudonne on social media

The number of the controverial banned comic's followers on Twitter has more than doubled and his Facebook 'likes' now exceed half a million.

France's top court reinstates ban on comic Dieudonne

One-man show by comedian accused of anti-Semitism banned at last minute after interior minister wins appeal against earlier legal setback.

Comedian Dieudonné in money laundering probe

French detectives suspect controversial comic laundered hundreds of thousands of euros via Africa as showdown looms over his 'banned' show.

Why we unite against anti-Semitic comedian Dieudonné - but don't want to ban him


The French interior minister Manuel Valls has sent out tough new instructions to regional prefects encouraging them to ban shows in the imminent nation-wide tour by controversial comedian Dieudonné who stands accused of virulent anti-Semitism. The French president François Hollande has joined the debate, urging the prefects to be 'vigilant and inflexible' in the way they treat the comic. Some have now banned shows in their areas. Mediapart has been warning of Dieudonné's obsessive anti-Semitism for five years. But, as editor-in-chief Edwy Plenel here argues, banning the comedian's shows runs the risks of the socialist government falling into the age-old trap of democracies who undermine their own fundamental freedoms in the name of law and order. This politics of fear, he says, which uses the threat of chaos to undermine democracy, belongs to governments of the Right.

Dieudonne: Hollande backs Nantes and Tours bans

French president calls on prefects to be 'vigilant and inflexible' faced with breaches of 'republican principles' as comedian's shows get banned.

France moves to ban controversial comic

Bordeaux is first city to ban planned show by comedian Dieudonné after interior minister issues tough new guidelines to regional officials.

French comic Dieudonne 'must pay racism fines' - interior minister

Manuel Valls accuses controversial comedian of trying to bankrupt himself to avoid paying fines for racist abuse totalling tens of thousands of euros.

French comedian at centre of Nicolas Anelka row faces ban

Cities across France are considering banning the one-man-show of comedian Dieudonné who popularised the 'Nazi' salute used by Anelka.

Nicolas Anelka hits back at French politicians over 'quenelle' criticism

England-based French football star claims the controversial salute is simply anti-establishment and not racist and insists he is not anti-Semetic.

French sports minister denounces 'disgusting' Anelka gesture

French footballer Nicolas Anelka appeared to make an inverted Nazi salute, known as the 'quenelle', after scoring a goal for his English club.

French comic's show faces ban over anti-Semitic jibes

The French interior minister is seeking legal means to ban shows by controversial comic Dieudonné after repeated anti-Jewish comments on stage.