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Anti-Semite French comic Dieudonné given jail sentence in Belgium

Stand-up comic Dieudonné M’Bala M’Bala, who has been previously prosecuted in France for anti-Semitic speech during his shows, was handed a two-month jail sentence and a fine by a Belgian appeals court for anti-Semitic comments during a performance in the country.

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Anti-Semite comedian Dieudonné loses European rights court appeal

Human rights court upholds hate crime conviction in France after show with Holocaust denier and an actor dressed as concentration camp inmate.

French anti-Semitic provocateur Dieudonné convicted of condoning terrorism

A Paris court gave the stand-up comic a fine and a suspended jail term for posting on Facebook his support for terrorist Amedy Coulibaly.

Anti-Semitic comic Dieudonné faces backlash over links to far-right group

Some black supporters of French comic have turned against him over comedian's association with right-wing extremist Alain Soral.

Why controversial French comic Dieudonné is forming a new political party

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Alain Soral et Dieudonné en mai 2009 lors du dépôt de leur liste aux européennes. © Reuters Alain Soral et Dieudonné en mai 2009 lors du dépôt de leur liste aux européennes. © Reuters

The stand-up comedian Dieudonné M’bala M’bala, whose one-man show was banned earlier this year in France and who has been convicted of anti-Semitism, is setting up a new political party to rival the far-right Front National. His co-president will be Alain Soral, the anti-Semitic publisher and essayist who has split with Marine Le Pen's far-right party on the grounds that it is too “pro-Israeli” and that he has been “betrayed” by a senior FN official. According to documents seen by Mediapart the new party is to be called 'Réconciliation Nationale' or 'National Reconciliation'. The two leaders are said to be hoping for a dissolution of the National Assembly before 2017 so the new organisation can get its hands on state funding of political parties. Karl Laske and Marine Turchi report.

French comedian investigated for comments on James Foley murder

Dieudonné M’bala M’bala faces probe after he mocked the killing of the American journalist and showed footage of it in a video.

French comedian drops show deemed anti-Semitic

After France's top court upholds bans on his tour, Dieudonné says new show about Africa will not contain language that courts objected to.

France to pursue divisive comic Dieudonné online

After ban on shows, interior minister says law 'must be able to act' against the online publication of what he calls 'racist and anti-Semitic speech'.