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The continuing quest for truth on the disappeared of French Algeria

In a landmark move last year, President Emmanuel Macron recognised that communist mathematician Maurice Audin was tortured and killed by the French military in Algiers in 1957 during the bloody Algerian war of independence, lifting an official taboo on the case, but despite the president’s pledge to release confidential archives about the period, researchers question whether the truth will ever emerge about thousands of other unexplained disappearances.

Remains found in Italian Alps found to be French skier lost in 1954

Human remains, ski equipment and glasses found in 2005 at an altitude of 3,000 metres in Italy's Aosta region have been found through DNA tests to be that of a Frenchman who disappeared in a storm there in 1954, after his family answered an appeal for information launched on social media by Italian police.

Body found in France confirmed as Irish 'Disappeared' victim Ruddy

Human remains uncovered in woodland near Rouen in northern France at the weekend have been confirmed after DNA testing as those of Séamus Ruddy, a member of the Irish Republican Socialist Party who disappeared in 1985 when he was working as a school teacher in Paris.