Chloroquine: the controversial drug at the heart of the race for a coronavirus treatment


In China and the United States, as well as France, the drug chloroquine is one of the main focal points in the race to provide an effective treatment for the Covid-19 coronavirus. So far there is still insufficient data to show whether this anti-malaria drug will prove useful in treating people infected with the virus. And a French study praising its benefits has become mired in controversy. Rouguyata Sall reports.

New search locates French submarine which disappeared in 1968

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A new search, involving US company Ocean Infinity, to find a French navy submarine that disappeared without trace with its crew of 52 during a naval exercise in January 1968 has finally located the wreck of the vessel, La Minerve, at a depth of 2,370 metres and about 45 kilometres from France's Mediterranean port of Toulon.

Champagne house discovers 131-year-old bottles lost in cave collapse

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A vast cellar belonging to Champagne house Pol Roger collapsed in 1900 and buried more than a million bottles of its produce, but recent building work has unearthed 20 of them, which date back to the harvest in 1887, in what appears to be good condition.

'Caravaggio masterpiece' found in loft in south-west France

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The C17th work, which depicts Biblical heroine Judith beheading an Assyrian general, is thought to have gone missing about 100 years after it was painted.

Remains of Jewish victims of Nazi scientist found at French forensic school

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The body parts were from Jews gassed for wartime experiments in the Strasbourg school by notorious Nazi anatomy researcher August Hirt.

Five dead babies found in SW France home

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Four bodies were found in a deep-freeze unit and another in the bedroom of a couple with two teenage daughters at their house near Bordeaux.

French oyster-lover finds two pearls in one dozen batch

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The market stallholder, who sells couscous meals, discovered wild pearls in two oysters from Arcachon Bay which he was about to guzzle.