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French footballers banned from wearing headscarves stage their own tournament

A match at the Les Hijabeuses tournament at La Courneuve, north of Paris. © MC / Mediapart A match at the Les Hijabeuses tournament at La Courneuve, north of Paris. © MC / Mediapart

Wearing a headscarf or hijab during a football match is authorised by the sport's world governing body FIFA. But they remained banned for official games in France. A group of Muslim women players are fighting against this discriminatory policy and are calling on the French football authorities, the Fédération Française de Football (FFF), to change their rules. As part of that battle the group, known as Les Hijabeuses, organised a football tournament on the outskirts of Paris. Mickaël Correia reports.

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Because ‘our time has come'

Participants in the first ‘International congress of black writers and artists’, held in Paris in 1956. © © Présence Africaine Participants in the first ‘International congress of black writers and artists’, held in Paris in 1956. © © Présence Africaine

A fiery debate has erupted in France over the holding of meetings on issues of discrimination to which are admitted only those who are affected by such prejudice. In this opinion article, Mediapart’s publishing editor Edwy Plenel says the furore over such gatherings is but the latest offensive against the self-organisation of those who are dominated in society, whether that be because of their appearance, religion, gender or social condition.

French parliament outlaws accent discrimination

The French lower house, the National Assembly, has adopted legislation making linguistic discrimination an offence along with racism, sexism and other outlawed bigotry.

PSG announce 'probe' into Mediapart ethnic profiling revelations

French football club Paris Saint-Germain said on Thursday it was investigating Mediapart's revelations that its youth talent scouts were required to report on players' ethnic origins in a scheme of racial discrimination against those who were black and of Arab family origin.

French online property rentals 'blocking those with Arabic names'

An anti-discrimination association is preparing legal action against property owners advertising holiday homes online who a French radio investigation has found turned away potential renters with North African names for no reason other than their Arabic names, a practice described by one journalist as affecting 'tonnes of people each day'. 

Paris authorities champion the obese in anti-discrimination event

The Paris City Hall is this week staging an event highlighting discrimination forms including a catwalk show of  rounded models who will parade to raise awareness that overweight people are subject to prejudice that results in intolerable social 'rejection, disdain' and 'hostility'.

Outrage over French estate agent advert specifying 'no blacks'

The racist advert, placed in an estate agent's office in a Paris suburb and subsequently photographed and posted on social media, demanded that candidates to become tenants of an apartment should be of French nationality and not black.

French rail firm SNCF found guilty of discriminating against Moroccan staff

Railway company ordered to pay 150 million euros damages to more than 800 contract workers recruited in the 1960s and 1970s.

Racism is main jobs obstacle for France's second-generation immigrants

Reports says that discrimination is 'main source of inequality' in France for young men of sub-Saharan African or north African origins.

Why being gay, a woman or from an immigrant background is still bad for your career in modern France


Discrimination is alive and kicking in France, according to a study by the state's official statistical agency INSEE. Whether it involves education, career progression, pay or getting access to housing, there are obstacles and hurdles at all levels of society for disabled, women and gay people as well as those from immigrant backgrounds. Nor does having good qualifications always make the situation better - indeed, in some cases the inequality gets worse higher up the workplace ladder. As Carine Fouteau reports, the study suggests there is a real need for more concrete action despite the pledges and fine words from President Hollande and his government.

Roma 'prohibited' by drivers from travelling on Paris buses


The French citizens’ rights watchdog, the Défenseur des droits, is investigating a complaint that a bus driver with the Paris public transport system, the RATP, refused to let three young Roma men with valid travel passes climb aboard his vehicle, allegedly saying ‘dirty Romanians, you’re like dogs’. Witnesses have come forward to confirm the incident which, as Carine Fouteau reports, is just one of a series involving allegedly discriminatory behaviour against Roma by RATP staff, and which drivers' union officials say they “cannot deny” happen.

The small, the fat and the not-so-pretty, victims of a vast and secret discrimination


An official French citizens’ rights watchdog has launched an investigation into allegedly discriminatory recruitment practices by fashionable US clothes retail chain Abercrombie & Fitch, which is accused of selecting only physically attractive people as sales staff for its French stores. As Michaël Hajdenberg reports, the affair highlights a problem that several studies show affects vast numbers of people on the job market, whose professional opportunities are daily compromised by a secret discrimination over their weight, size or blemishes.

Air France fined in pro-Palestinian activist case

French court has found airline guilty of discrimination for removing a pro-Palestinian activist from a flight to Israel because she was not Jewish.

French firing over veil was ‘religious discrimination’

Country’s top court rules in favour of woman fired by a private nursery school five years ago for refusing to remove her Islamic veil at work.

The reality of France's troubled 'banlieues', as told by those who live there

 © Michel Le Moine © Michel Le Moine

The Paris suburb of Le Blanc-Mesnil is typical of dozens of socially-deprived agglomerations that surround the capital’s northern perimeter, characterized by zones of high-rise public housing estates, higher than average unemployment, especially among the young, and a significant population of North and West African origin who complain of being stigmatized and discriminated against. While the stereotypes of those who live in what are commonly called les banlieues are reinforced by regular incidents of violence, drug dealing and social unrest, local inhabitants are rarely offered a public stage to challenge the narrow perceptions that ignore the broader realities of their community. But now, in a rare and insightful book published last month, a group of women residents of Le Blanc-Mesnil recount with frankness and simplicity their everyday experiences, both positive and negative, of life amid the troubled suburbs. Carine Fouteau reports.