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Kremlin push for ownership of Orthodox church in France

Worshippers at Saint-Nicolas-and-Saint-Alexandra’s church in the French Riviera city of Nice, who are descendants of émigrés who fled the 1917 Russian Revolution, say they fear they will be turned out after the Russian Federation asked a French court on Wednesday to declare it as the legal owner of the building.

France joins Germany, UK to trigger dispute mechanism over Iran deal

France, Germany and the UK have set in train a dispute mechanism allowed in a 2015 deal over Iran's nuclear programme, following Tehran's decision to remove limits to its production of enriched uranium which can be used in the making of nuclear weapons.

France, Germany slam Trump over G7 statement U-turn

France and Germany have reacted strongly at a decision by US President Donald Trump to withdraw his support for the concluding joint statement issued by the Group of Seven summit in Canada of leading world economic powers, with a French presidential source calling it an act of 'incoherence and inconsistency' and the German foreign minister saying trust had been 'lost'. 

Bitter family feud over French rocker Hallyday's will heightens

The biological children of French rock star Johnny Hallyday, who died in December from lung cancer, are locked in a bitter and very public battle against the late singer's wife Laeticia who, along with the couple's two adopted daughters, has inherited all his wealth and royalties,  

Nice authorities refuse police demand to delete CCTV images of attack

The demand, officially to avoid the gratuitous use of images, came amid a dispute between local and national authorities after the attack which left 84 people dead.

Producers foaming in row over true Marseille soap recipe

A move to protect the traditional 17th-century soap from cheap foreign immitations sparks a firece dispute among its different makers over its true contents.

Hollande pays steep price for steel plant reprieve

The French government's handling of the dispute at ArcelorMittal's steel plant in Florange, in Lorraine, has been widely judged as a major blunder.

French Greens in dogfight over rise of the wolf

Greens in high-profile spat over rapid multiplication of wolves first re-introduced to French Alps and now threatening sheep farms in Auvergne.

Google reaches digitising deal with French publishers

Google has reached what it called a “pioneering” agreement with French publishers for digitising out-of-print books, ending six years of litigation.