French Left split in two ahead of 2022 presidential elections

France — Analysis

In just less than 12 months, France goes to the polls in presidential elections. On the Left, two distinct blocs are emerging, with separate policies and strategies, no common candidate and the prospect of a political crash. But could growing forecasts of a strong performance, and even victory, by the far-right yet force a union of the Left? Pauline Graulle reports.

Burkini bans split French government as court to rule on legality

France — Link

The burkini bans introduced by mayors in some French coastal towns has divided ministers, while the Council of State will rule Friday on a legal challenge to the prohibitons.

Bastille Day massacre stokes Nice's bitter divisions

France — Report

The Bastille Day attack in Nice, when a Tunisian immigrant from the city drove a truck into crowds walking the seafront Promenade des Anglais, killing 84 people, has heightened the already prevalent racial and social tensions in the Riviera capital. Ellen Salvi reports from Nice, where local politicians have long fuelled the fires of division that threaten to engulf the city.

After Paris terror attacks, French PM denounces a social and ethnic 'apartheid'

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Manuel Valls prompted controversy with his comment on 'evils' that had created 'a territorial, social, ethnic apartheid across our country'.