Kremlin rebukes Macron over TV extracts of his talks with Putin

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Russia's forein minister Sergey Lavrov and Kremlin spokeswoman Maria Zakharova have strongly criticised French President Emmanuel Macron for allowing a documentary on France's public TV channel France 2 to broadcast extracts of his conversations on Ukraine with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin. 

Inside Roubaix, the town dubbed 'Afghanistan in France'

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A recent documentary claimed Roubaix, near Lille in the north of France, has fallen under the sway of radical Islam 

Documentary: Huntsville Station, the moment released prisoners first taste freedom


The state penitentiary at Huntsville in Texas is a “regional release site” for discharged and paroled prisoners. Every day, small groups of inmates walk free from the prison, most gathering at the town’s Greyhound bus station to begin their journey back into the wider world. In this award-winning short documentary (in English with French subtitles), which Mediapart presents here in partnership with VOD platform Tënk, US filmmakers Jamie Meltzer and Chris Filippone capture the released prisoners’ first moments of quiet reflection and freedom.

Glasgow music scene retraces roots to French music festival

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Irish director Niall McCann's documentary Lost in France takes members of Scottish bands The Delgados, Mogwai, Arab Strap, Bis and a pre-Franz Ferdinand Alex Kapranos back to their collective beginnings at a music festival in a small town in Brittany in 1997.

France's richest man pilloried in low-budget, smash-hit documentary

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Runaway success Merci, Patron!  is about unemployed couple from northern France who lose their jobs when the company opens new factories in Poland.

Muslims in France struggle to feel accepted, says BBC documentary

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One young French Muslim told the presenter that being rejected by your country of birth was 'like being rejected by your mother'.

French documentary shows Sarkozys at home and unguarded

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In a candid documentary filmed during his last, failed campaign, the former French president appears to rule out a political comeback.

Parisian chooses bare life with only 'Made-in-France' posessions

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A 25 year-old man is focus of a documentary on what it's like living with only French-made posessions, and finds his flat stripped almost bare.

The overseas artist who captured the essence of a long-vanished rural France

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Artist Nicolas Rubió spent his childhood and early adulthood in France when he and his family were refugees from Franco's Spain. Later he emigrated to Argentina, but the memories of his time in deepest rural France have continued to serve as an inspiration for his paintings, which bring to life an era that has now disappeared. An assuming but impressive documentary on the man and his art is now doing a tour of France. Antoine Perraud reports.