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Five more women tell of alleged assault and harassment by French MP Denis Baupin

Denis Baupin. © Reuters Denis Baupin. © Reuters

Mediapart and French radio station France Inter have received five new accounts of lewd behaviour, including sexual assault and harassment, allegedly perpetrated by French MP Denis Baupin, husband of French housing minister Emmanuelle Cosse. Baupin was forced to stand down as speaker of the French parliament earlier this month after Mediapart published interviews with eight women, including an MP and Green party spokeswomen, who said they had suffered assault and harassment by him. The new accounts given here cover a 16-year period during which Baupin was deputy-mayor of Paris and a leading official with the French green party. Lénaïg Bredoux reports.

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Call to disband the French 'traffic wardens' who operate like a private 'militia'

 © Thibault Leguillon © Thibault Leguillon

Their role is in theory simply to hand out parking tickets. But in one French town traffic wardens have taken on a controversial role as members of a mobile security unit who evict squatters, police demonstrations and search members of the public, while some have been seen carrying tear gas sprays. Now, after a string of violent incidents involving the supposed parking enforcement officials, the ministry of the interior has been urged to disband what some claim has become little more than the local mayor's private political police force. Louise Fessard reports.