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Two children die in school bus crash in eastern France

Three other children were injured in the crash in snowbound conditions when their coach carrying 33 pupils to school near Pontarlier left the road. 

Far-right sets off timebomb for Sarkozy's UMP party

Sophie Montel et Marine Le Pen. © (dr) Sophie Montel et Marine Le Pen. © (dr)

A cliffhanger by-election held in eastern France at the weekend saw the narrow victory of the socialist candidate over his far-right National Front party challenger. There was relief but no partying within the Socialist Party, which held the seat by a majority of just more than 800 votes and which on Monday sounded an alarm at the dangers ahead after this latest illustration of the upsurge in support for the far-right. Despite its defeat in the urns, the Front National credibly claimed a political victory over the mainstream parties and over the conservative UMP party in particular. Mediapart political affairs correspondent Hubert Huertas analyses the result which showed a significant section of the conservative electorate snubbed its party’s instructions by switching support to the far-right in the second-round playoff on Sunday, prompting Front National leader Marine Le Pen to say the mutiny offered "lots of promising information for the future".

French socialists cling on to parliament seat ahead of far-right

Ruling party wins first by-election since Charlie Hebdo attack, just squeezing ahead of Marine Le Pen's Front National. 

French Socialists face crucial electoral test in runoff against Front National

Victory in the Doubs by-election on French-Swiss border would be first parliamentary win for socialist government since it came to power in 2012.

Sarkozy’s UMP struggles to stay united after by-election defeat

Rather than urging electorate to vote against Front National candidate, Sarkozy says voters can 'decide for themselves', to dismay of some members.

Far right tops by-election in test of French opinion after terror attacks

In blow to former President Sarkozy, his UMP candidate was knocked out in first round, leaving a run-off between the socialists and the far right.