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French special forces wounded in Iraq by exploding Islamic State drone

Two Kurdish Peshmerga fighters were killed and two French troops seriously wounded when a booby-trapped drone crashed to the ground near them north of the beseiged town of Mosul held by the Islamic State group group.

Barcelona - Paris flight narrowly misses drone

Officials says Air France Airbus A320 was flying at 5,500 feet as it neared Charles de Gaulle airport when co-pilot noticed drone approaching.

US drone 'kills' al-Qaeda chief who claimed responsibility for Charlie Hebdo attacks

Al-Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula announced death of Nasr bin Ali al-Ansi, who claimed his group organised attack on French magazine staff.

France football team 'attacked drone with balls'

The France players, who won their World Cup opening match Sunday, kicked balls at a drone flying over them while training, goalkeeper says.