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Civil rights groups raise concerns as French police drones roam free during lockdown

By Clément Le Foll and Clément Pouré
A police drone in the southern French city of Marseille, March 24th 2020. © GERARD JULIEN / AFP A police drone in the southern French city of Marseille, March 24th 2020. © GERARD JULIEN / AFP

Since the start of the coronavirus lockdown on March 17th in France drones have become an increasingly familiar sight above public areas in France. They have been used by the authorities to fly over towns and cites, coastal areas and parks. But no one is sure if these drones are filming people and, if so, whether the images are being stored or cross-checked with police files. As Clément Le Foll and Clément Pouré report, civil liberties groups are increasingly worried about the situation.

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France's military command has announced the first drone strike carried out by its forces, which ocurred during counter-jihadist operations in Mali at the weekend, just two days after testing had finished on the remotely-piloted Reapers for armed operations.

France to fly armed drones

French defence minister Florence Parly said Tuesday that the country's armed forces are to begin using drones for combat missions for the first time, on top of current surveillance missions, ending debate about pilots operating at a great distance from the battle ground.

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Police play cat and mouse with hundreds of migrants stuck in Italian border town of Ventimiglia who are desperate to get to northern Europe.

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Following a similar programme in The Netherlands, the French army has successfully trained Golden eagles to bring down small drones after multiple security alerts involving flights of the radio controlled miniature aircraft over sensitive locations, including the Elysée Palace and nuclear power stations. 

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Al-Jazeera journalists arrested for flying drone in Paris

The arrests, which are not thought to be linked to the night-time flights over Paris, came after police saw drone flying in the west of the city.

Drones spotted over Paris for a second night

At least five drones were again seen over centre of French capital as police launched investigation into flights over 'prohibited zones'.

Unidentified drones fly over Paris at night

Special investigation team set up after the unmanned aircraft flew over the US Embassy, the Eiffel Tower and other landmarks in French capital.

Drones to detect vine disease in France

Winemakers in Burgundy and Bordeaux back €1.7m project to see if the unmanned devices can spot early signs of problems in their crops.

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The trio are 'unconnected' to other flights while sources say there may have been more than the 13 drone incidents cited at EDF nuclear plants.

French nuclear plant drone flights: three arrested

The two men and one woman in their early twenties were detained with at least one drone near a nuclear power station, say officials.

Drones spotted over seven French nuclear sites

Power firm EDF says the unmanned aircraft did not affect safety or the running of the plants but it has filed a complaint with police.