France's François Hollande broadens message in hunt for votes

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The most unpopular president in French polling history, Hollande plays up his rustic roots, backs police, and visits underprivileged suburbs.

French customs in 20-million-euro cannabis bust in chic Paris quarter

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No arrests were made when the drugs were found in vans parked in the 16th arrondissement in bags containing resin blocks of around 25 kilos.

First drug 'shooting gallery' to open in French hospital despite protests

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Drug consumption facilities with clean needles and staffed with counsellors and health workers to open at Lariboisière hospital in Paris.

France's president warns Indonesia of consequences if Frenchman executed

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François Hollande spoke of diplomatic consequences if planned execution of Serge Atlaoui over drug trafficking offences goes ahead.

Indonesian court rejects French man's appeal against death sentence

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Serge Atlaoui, who was arrested at an ecstasy laboratory in 2005, now faces firing squad after supreme court bid fails.

France rugby team high on drugs in 1980s, claims new book

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Journalist claims French players were on amphetamines during a famous, violent win over All Blacks in 1986.

France's equivalent of Scotland Yard in crisis

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A string of sex, fraud and drug scandals has recently engulfed Paris's criminal investigation force, which is based at 36 Quai des Orfèvres.

The international drugs trade returns to post-war Mali

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Since the retreat of jihadist forces from northern Mali, and the winding down this year of the French military campaign that forced them out of the area, drugs trafficking has regained its lucrative path across the Sahel region, en route to Europe. Thomas Cantaloube reports from Mali on how the drugs trade has become a major cause of corruption in both the former French colony and the wider region of West Africa, where the transit of drugs is now joined by a dangerous and growing new phenomena, that of drug consumption.

'French Connection' dealer, 73, faces new sentence in Connecticut

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Alfred Catino was among 16 people arrested in Connecticut in 2012 in a conspiracy to distribute marijuana, cocaine and oxycodone.

French policeman seized in massive cocaine hunt

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The unnamed officer, 34, was picked up while on holiday in the southern city of Perpignan by officers probing theft of €3m drugs haul.

France calls into question pharmacies' monopoly

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Report calls for an end to chemists' monopoly on the sale of certain drugs such as aspirin, which could then be sold on supermarket shelves.

Huge cocaine haul seized on Air France plane in Paris

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Police seized the 1.3 tonnes of pure cocaine on board an Air France flight from Venezuela, with the drugs found packed inside 30 suitcases.

Marseille's lurid tit-for-tat killings – the real story


The reprisal murders that take place in Marseille regularly make the headlines and have helped fuel the idea that crime in France's major Mediterranean port city is spiralling out of control. However, as Louise Fessard reports, the crime statistics and other research tell a different story.

Emergency meeting called after latest shootings in Marseille

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Interior minister Manuel Valls calls for crisis meeting after two fatal shootings in Marseille, where 15 people have already been murdered this year.

Tour de France riders say ‘enough is enough’ when it comes to drug accusations

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On the eve of race, cyclists feel 'degraded' after newspaper quoted Lance Armstrong saying it was impossible to win the Tour without doping.