Hollande drops plans to strip terrorists of French nationality

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The French president announced his decision after the two houses of the French Parliament failed to agree on the nature of the reforms.

Hollande's key post-terror attacks reform hits the rocks


The French Senate voted on Thursday in favour of inscribing into the constitution the stripping of French nationality from dual-nationals convicted of terrorist crimes. The text adopted by the Senate is fundamentally different to that adopted last month in the National Assembly, the lower house, which allows for the stripping of French nationality of anyone convicted of terrorism, effectively allowing for individuals to become stateless. As Christophe Gueugneau and Ellen Salvi report, the conflict now appears likely to definitively bury what was one of President François Hollande’s two key and highly controversial constitutional reforms in reaction to the November 13th terrorist massacres in Paris.  

Convicted French terrorists could be 'stateless' under planned law

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Row over plans to strip all terrorists, not just dual nationals, of French citizenship, as critics say move breaches international accords.