E. coli

Families still waiting for answers from Nestlé over E. coli scandal

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A group of 48 families have filed a 250-million-euro civil suit for gross negligence against Nestlé France over the poisoning of dozens of children, two of whom died, with the E. Coli bacteria after eating pizzas manufactured by the food giant's susbsidiary Buitoni.  

Death of French boy poisoned by E.Coli-infected beef in 2011

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Nolan Moittie, 10, who was left paralysed with severe nerve damage as well as diabetes after eating beef burgers infected with Escherichia coli bacteria which were sold as frozen goods in a Lidl supermarket in north-east France in 2011, died at the weekend.

Egyptian Seeds Linked to E. Coli Outbreak in Germany and France

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Contaminated fenugreek seeds from Egypt are identitified as a possible source of the devastating recent E. coli outbreaks in Germany and France.

E. Coli Outbreak in France Appears Isolated

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French authorities said Sunday that the latest outbreak of a deadly strain of E. coli in Europe, in Bordeaux, appeared to be isolated.

British seeds blamed for E. coli outbreak in France

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Seeds from UK mail order company may be linked to an E. coli outbreak in France, says French secretary of state for consumer affairs.