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Second French patient admitted to hospital with suspected Ebola in a week

According to French media the 20-year-old had been to the Congo and Sierra Leone, areas devastated by the deadly virus over the past year.

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Suspected Ebola case reported on France's Réunion Island

Pharmacist admitted to hospital on Indian Ocean island with a moderate fever had recently carried out humanitarian work in Ebola-hit Guinea.

Hollande pays visit to Ebola-hit Guinea

The French President is the first Western leader to visit Guinea, where more than 1,200 have died from the disease since the March outbreak.

UN Ebola patient being treated in French hospital

The patient, who contracted Ebola while working to combat the epidemic in Sierra Leone, has been placed in isolation in a military hospital.

Paris-Charles de Gaulle airport begins screening for Ebola

Passengers arriving on flights from Guinea, which Air France crews urge should be suspended, are being tested for fever by hand-held laser kits.

Paris airport to begin screening passengers for Ebola

Charles de Gaulle airport will begin on Saturday monitoring temperatures of passengers arriving from Guinea to detect carriers of the disease.

Ebola could reach France by late October say scientists

Experts predict 75 percent chance virus could be imported to France by October 24 and 50 percent chance it could hit Britain by then.

First French Ebola patient leaves hospital

Volunteer nurse who caught the disease while working for a charity in Liberia made a full recovery after experimental treatment.

French Ebola-infected nurse given experimental drugs

The unidentified woman, infected by the virus while serving Doctors Without Borders in Liberia, is being treated in a Paris military hospital.

French medical NGO MSF says staffer has contracted Ebola in Liberia

The woman, on assignment with the Doctors Without Borders association in the capital Monrovia, is to be returned to France for treatment.

French minister ‘first from Europe’ to visit Africa’s Ebola-hit region

Development secretary Annick Girardin is in Guinean capital Conakry to visit Ebola units and discuss France's role in halting epidemic.

Air France pilots want opt out on flying to Ebola-hit countries

Unions say management has promised no action will be taken against pilots or cabin crew not wishing to fly to affected regions.

Air France suspends flights to Sierra Leone over Ebola fears

The airline said it has temporarily halted its three weekly flights to Freetown at the request of the French government.

France warns against travel to countries with Ebola

Foreign ministry says trips to four countries hit by Ebola fever outbreak - Liberia, Guinea, Sierra Leone and Nigeria - should be put on hold.

France on Ebola alert

Medical services in France are put 'on alert' over the deadly disease that is sweeping Guinea, a former French West African colony.