French backpacker missing in Egypt for a year returns safely to Paris

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It remains unclear what happened over the past year to Yann Bourdon, whose family had speculated that he might have been detained by Egyptian security services.

Repression and death: how French-made weapons are being used in global conflicts

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Despite this country's proclaimed values and its international commitments, French-made weapons are being used to carry out repression and kill civilians in some of the worst conflicts on the planet, including in the Middle East. On the eve of President Emmanuel Macron's tour of Gulf states on 3rd and 4th December, in which further arms deals may be clinched, Mediapart lists some of the conflicts where exported French armaments are being deployed. Rachida El Azzouzi reports.

How historic vaccine triumph made Pasteur Institute a tool of French 'soft power'


When in 1885 French scientist Louis Pasteur successfully treated a nine-year-old boy called Joseph Meister who had been bitten by a rabid dog it marked a turning point in the development of vaccines. But the medical breakthrough was also the launchpad for a global expansion of institutes bearing their founder's name which became a spearhead for French influence around the world. As part of a summer series on the history of vaccines, Nicolas Chevassus-au-Louis looks at the pioneering work of France's Louis Pasteur and his nationalistic rivalry with Germany's Robert Koch.

France to deepen relations with Egypt despite human rights differences

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French president Emmanuel Macron made clear his stance after he received his Egyptian counterpart Abdel-Fattah Al-Sisi in Paris.

How French warplanes sold to Egypt helped Libyan warlord Khalifa Haftar

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In April 2019 the self-styled 'Field Marshal' Khalifa Haftar launched an offensive against the regime in Tripoli which is acknowledged by the international community as Libya's legitimate government. Yet during his recent military campaign to control the east of the country, the warlord has had the discreet help of several important allies, including France. And as Yann Philippin, René Backmann and Antton Rouget report, Haftar also received air support from French-made Rafale jets which had been sold to Egypt.

Documents show how Airbus arranged secret commissions over aircraft sales in Egypt

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Secret documents obtained by Mediapart and German publication Der Spiegel show for the first time how Airbus gave direct orders to an intermediary to hand out 9.5 million euros in commissions to help clinch the sale of its aircraft in Egypt. This deal is now being examined by France's fraud prosecution unit and British fraud detectives who are carrying out a major investigation into alleged corruption by the giant European aircraft manufacturer. Yann Philippin and Virginie Le Borgne report.

French arms company in spotlight over Egypt labour rights abuse

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Ahead of a planned visit to Egypt later this month by French President Emmanuel Macron, an Irish human rights NGO has highlighted the serious violations of the labour rights of Egyptian workers employed in the construction of French-designed battleships at naval yards where staff from France's Naval Group company have a permanent presence.

France accused of aiding bloody Egypt repression through arms sales

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Study commissioned by human rights groups found French arms sales to Egypt rose from €39.6 million to €1.3 billion between 2010 and 2016.

France to raise human rights issues with Egypt's al-Sisi

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President Macron, aware that France’s policy on Egypt has come under fire, will raise issue when he meets Egyptian leader in Paris next week.

French far-right Front National party’s links with the United Arab Emirates

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France’s far-right Front National party is attempting to find funding from abroad for the 2017 presidential election campaign of its leader Marine Le Pen, who has been unable to convince French banks to provide the sizeable loans the party needs. Among potential foreign backers the party has already had contacts with is the United Arab Emirates which, according to one of Le Pen’s close entourage, financed an official visit she made to Egypt in 2015. Marine Turchi reports.

French investigators helping probe into mystery of flight MS804

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France is participating in Egypt-led investigation as it is the country where the Airbus 320 was made and 15 people on board were French.

EgyptAir crash 'more likely' to be terror attack than technical failure

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Greek TV report of what could be airplane debris spotted in sea near where plane vanished from radar about 174 miles off Egyptian coast.

No theory ruled out says President Hollande after EgyptAir crash

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French president and Egyptian premier say terrorism is possible explanation for sudden crash of plane carrying 66 people over Mediterranean.

France's Hollande signs deals worth 2 billion euro with Egypt

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Paris confirmed contracts for Airbus Space Systems and Thalès Alenia Space to build military telecoms satellite for Egypt's defence ministry.

France's Hollande begins two-day visit to Egypt

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French president bringing delegation of business leaders while he is also expected to discuss various Middle East crises with hosts in Cairo.