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Egypt's purchase of French jets financed 'by French loan'

Egyptian president said €3.2 billion of the €5.2 billion cost of buying France's Rafale fighter planes came from French government loan.

Egypt, France ink contract for first Rafale fighter jet sale

French defence minister Jean-Yves Le Drian and the CEO of the jet's maker Dassault travelled to Cairo to seal the multi-billion euro deal.

Egypt to buy 24 French Rafale fighter jets

President François Hollande has confirmed a 5 billion-euro deal with Egypt for the off-the-shelf sale of the jets, a frigate and military equipment.

French citizen dies in Egyptian police custody

French foreign ministry says it is seeking details on man's death in Cairo, as Egyptian authorities say he was killed by cellmates while in policy custody.

French 'spy swan' detained in Egypt is neither spy nor swan

Suspicions raised after suspected winged infiltrator spotted with electronic device was just tracker used to monitor stork migration patterns.

Obama the isolationist


After days of hesitation, the United States finally seems poised to intervene militarily following Syria's use of chemical weapons against its own people. But until then, faced with the enduring crises in Syria and Egypt, the White House had sometimes given the impression that the entire administration was on its summer holiday. More generally, during the first five years of his presidency Barack Obama has shown indecision and muddle in his handling of international issues. To the point, argues Thomas Cantaloube, that the United States is in danger of slipping towards insignificance on the world stage.


France fears extremists will 'take advantage' of Egypt violence

French foreign minister Laurent Fabius urges Egyptian military and police to show 'maximum restraint' in face of protests by Muslim Brotherhood.

France calls for release of ousted Egyptian president

French foreign minister Laurent Fabius on Tuesday called on Egypt to release Mohamed Morsi and other political prisoners.

French among dead in Egypt hot-air balloon crash

A hot-air balloon exploded and plunged to earth during a sunrise flight at the ancient temple city of Luxor, killing 19 tourists onboard.

Arab Spring: how women are using their bodies to create a revolution

Yasser Abou Hamed Yasser Abou Hamed

As the ramifications of the Arab Spring continue, a new and extraordinary phenomenon has emerged. Across the Middle East and North Africa women have started putting their body – and images of their bodies - at the heart of the unfolding social revolution there. In some demonstrations a blue bra worn by a beaten protester has become a potent symbol of peaceful female resistance to male oppression. Story by Nadia Aissaoui and Ziad Majed.

Egypt: 'detentions and torture' by the army (The Guardian)


Fillon crash-lands into 'Air Dictator' row

F. Fillon et H. Moubarak en 2007. © Reuters F. Fillon et H. Moubarak en 2007. © Reuters

First there was the scandal of French foreign minister Michèle Alliot-Marie's holidays in strife-torn Tunisia, now comes that of Prime Minister François Fillon's sojourn in Egypt courtesy of President Hosni Mubarak. The revelations have stunned opinion in France and made headlines around the world, prompting President Nicolas Sarkozy to tell ministers they must holiday in France from now on. Marine Turchi reports on the parliamentary turbulence caused by the latest jet-set holiday disclosures.

What the US cables said about Mubarak's brutal regime

 © DR. © DR.

Among the US diplomatic cables disclosed by Wikileaks are a series of revealing missives addressed to the State Department from the US embassy in Cairo. Ludovic Lamant presents five that offer an insight into the events now transforming Egypt, and Washington's reaction to the crisis.

How Egypt's cyber rebels led charge for free speech

Esraa Abdel Fattah Ahmed © (F.Bt.) Esraa Abdel Fattah Ahmed © (F.Bt.)

The future of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's regime remains uncertain amid a popular protest unprecedented in all his 31-years in power. In a country subjected to more than 30 years of State of Emergency laws, the internet has become a unique refuge for democratic discussion and debate. Mediapart editor François Bonnet meets the bloggers and other cyber activists who have, for years, led the charge for free speech in Egypt.