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Documents show how Airbus arranged secret commissions over aircraft sales in Egypt

By and virginie le borgne
Thomas Enders, left, and Louis Gallois were joint CEOs of Airbus between 2005 and 2007. © Reuters Thomas Enders, left, and Louis Gallois were joint CEOs of Airbus between 2005 and 2007. © Reuters

Secret documents obtained by Mediapart and German publication Der Spiegel show for the first time how Airbus gave direct orders to an intermediary to hand out 9.5 million euros in commissions to help clinch the sale of its aircraft in Egypt. This deal is now being examined by France's fraud prosecution unit and British fraud detectives who are carrying out a major investigation into alleged corruption by the giant European aircraft manufacturer. Yann Philippin and Virginie Le Borgne report.

Paris prosecutor opens manslaughter inquiry over EgyptAir crash

French authorities says there is no evidence so far to link fatal crash of Flight MS804 from Paris to Cairo on May 19th to terrorism.

Second black box retrieved from EgyptAir plane in eastern Mediterranean

The flight data recorder was found in the tail of the Airbus A320 which crashed en route from Paris to Cairo last month for unknown reasons.

Black box recorder from crashed EgyptAir plane recovered

The cockpit voice recorder was damaged but intact and the hunt continues for the other black box that recorded data on the May 19th Paris-Cairo flight.

Wreckage of lost EgyptAir flight located on Mediterranean floor

Investigators have found “several main locations” of debris from the Paris-Cairo flight which disappeared over the eastern Mediterranean last month.

France confirms EgyptAir blackbox signal detected

The signal was picked up by a French navy search vessel in the eastern Mediterranean where flight MS804 was lost on May 19th for still unexplained reasons.

French investigators say smoke was detected on EgyptAir flight

France's BEA accident investigation team said that warning signs about smoke in a toilet and elsewhere started 3 minutes before plane vanished.

French investigators helping probe into mystery of flight MS804

France is participating in Egypt-led investigation as it is the country where the Airbus 320 was made and 15 people on board were French.

Paris airport workers in the spotlight after EgyptAir crash

But aviation expert says security breach at Charles de Gaulle airport would be 'completely incredible' as it has the 'highest standards' in world.

EgyptAir crash: inquiry into why Flight MS804 from Paris vanished

Despite earlier claims, no debris from aircraft yet found as major search operation by Egyptian, Greek, French and British military takes place.

EgyptAir crash 'more likely' to be terror attack than technical failure

Greek TV report of what could be airplane debris spotted in sea near where plane vanished from radar about 174 miles off Egyptian coast.

No theory ruled out says President Hollande after EgyptAir crash

French president and Egyptian premier say terrorism is possible explanation for sudden crash of plane carrying 66 people over Mediterranean.

Missing EgyptAir flight 'crashed off Greek island'

Sea search starts as Greek aviation source says plane flying from Paris to Cairo crashed around 130 nautical miles off the island of Karpathos.

EgyptAir Paris to Cairo flight with 66 people on board has gone missing

Flight MS804, with 30 Egyptians and 15 French nationals on board, vanished from radar screens at 37,000 feet over Mediterranean Sea.