Language students link up with lonely elderly in France

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In a charity-run scheme, language students from around the world who are unable to study in France because of the coronavirus pandemic link up via the internet to have video chats with elderly French people who, because of the virus threat, are confined to their homes in lonely conditions.

Homecare workers fear virus crisis ahead in rural France

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As the Covid-19 coronavirus epidemic accelerates across France, the country was officially placed in lockdown at midday on Tuesday, with the population required by law to remain at home except for essential purposes, such as buying food, attending medical appointments, or travelling to work for those with no alternative. Attention has been focused on the bizarre atmosphere taking over Paris and major cities as streets empty of pedestrians and vehicles. But the crisis ahead is nowhere more acute than for the dependent elderly and handicapped in rural areas who already rely on homecare workers to survive in normal times, and now more than ever. Jordan Pouille reports from the Sologne region in north-central France.

French carehome staff in national protest at undermanning, cost cuts

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Care workers mounted nationwide protests on Tuesday complaining they are under increasing pressure to cut corners on feeding, cleaning and hygiene care for those living in France's 7,000 nursing homes, and denouncing a government reform of elderly care as further threatening jobs and the quality of services.

Dealing with it – a glimpse inside the world of carers in France and those they care for

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This series of photographs came about after a meeting with a team of researchers who have worked for ten years in the area of family and professional care for elderly dependant people, writes photographer Jean-Robert Dantou. They were seeking to understand how society responds when faced with a person who, on their own, could not survive. Friends, families, professionals, retirement homes, charities, local authorities: who intervenes and how? The choice of photographs was made in tandem with the researchers; first to show groups of carers, though care is most of the time organised as a series of hand-overs to the next person; then to show families and professionals together. Finally the idea was to photograph the places where people lived to give the full picture of how the care world operates. These photographs are the result of a compromise between my point of view and those of the people photographed; what I portray is their perception of collective care that they have agreed to show me. This portfolio of work was shown at the publication of the book Le Salaire de la confiance ('The wages of trust').

Six die in Marseille care-home fire

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Six women died and 13 other people were injured in a fire at a care-home for the elderly in the southern French city of Marseille.