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French govt left reeling by far right 'warning shot' in vote

Left candidate eliminated in first round as Marine Le Pen's far-right National Front top the polls in local council by-election.

Nicolas Sarkozy's 'shocking comments' lost him election, says ex-wife

Nicolas Sarkozy displayed a “worrying impulsiveness” according to his ex-wife in extracts of a “tell-all” autobiography.

Ziad Takieddine says he paid illegal kickbacks to fund former French PM Edouard Balladur’s failed presidential bid

The Lebanese businessman says he handed over suitcases of cash in Geneva that came from arms deals with Saudi Arabia and Pakistan.

Why far-right Front national were the real winners of France's latest by-election

The right-wing UMP has won the country's most recent parliamentary by-election. But the party who have most to celebrate are the far-right Front national whose candidate came close to winning a seat that was once a socialist stronghold, picking up a massive 7,000 votes between the first and second rounds of voting. The FN's strong showing has now cast doubt over the Socialist Party's policy of supporting more moderate right-wing candidates when they are in head-to-head electoral contests with far-right politicians, forming what is known as a 'republican front'. Mathieu Magnaudeix, Marine Turchi and Stéphane Alliès report on the fallout from a high-profile campaign and on the future of such election pacts in the future.

UMP defeats far-right in France by-election

Right-wing UMP party narrowly defeated the far-right National Front in a by-election caused by minister quitting over Swiss bank account scandal.

Far-right overtake socialists in by-election to elect Cahuzac replacement

The far-right Front National party is in play off with conservative UMP candidate in the consituency of disgraced former budget minister.

Fake votes mar France’s first electronic election

An “online primary” claimed as “fraud-proof” has been found vulnerable to multiple and fake voting, exposing UMP party to more ridicule.

One year of Hollande leaves French with bitter taste

President has little to celebrate on first anniversary of his election on Monday...soaring unemployment, flailing economy and a shaming tax scandal.

Thousands protest against 'Mr Weak' François Hollande

As thousands take to streets to vent anger against French leader's first year in office a left-wing opponent accuses him of 'betraying his promises'.

Hollande's 'Dijon syndrome': the telling reasons behind the French president’s style of government


A year ago on 6th May 2012 François Hollande won the French presidential election and took office nine days later. Having won the election partly because of his 'Mr Normal' image, the president’s method of governing the country has since attracted heavy criticism from all quarters, including from inside his own party. To mark the anniversary of Hollande's victory Stéphane Alliès analyses the powerful influences that have shaped the president’s approach to power and finds that they can be traced back to the day he was voted in as Socialist Party boss at Dijon a decade ago.

France: a government in disarray


The Socialist Party candidate was eliminated in the first round of a parliamentary by-election, the president is at historic lows in the opinion polls and government is weak. At the same time President Hollande is confusing his message and his priorities. All this adds up, says Mediapart editor François Bonnet, to a looming major crisis between the government and its voters on the Left.

Sarkozy may ‘run for presidency in 2017’

The ex-president, still smarting from his defeat in the 2012, may run for office again in 2017, according to former minister Alain Juppé.

Fillon demands recount of UMP leadership ballot

Former French PM François Fillon demands a recount of elections he narrowly lost for leadership of conservative UMP party, which was at an 'impasse'.

Harlem Désir: the cooly-named Socialist Party leader with 'the charisma of a fridge'

Harlem Désir’s election to lead France’s ruling Socialist Party marks the arrival of the nation’s first black political party leader.

Facing election shipwreck, Sarkozy 'friends' rise up

With the right-wing UMP party predicted to lose the parliamentary elections, French conservatives are embracing former president Nicolas Sarkozy.