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Key ally of French far-right's Marine Le Pen probed for fraud

Frédéric Chatillon, who runs a company that provides services for Le Pen's Front National party, has been placed under formal investigation for fraud, misuse of corporate assets, laundering the proceeds of the misuse of corporate assets, forgery and use of false instruments. Chatillon, who was held in custody for 48 hours, is an old friend of Marine Le Pen and the former head of an extreme-right student organisation. The allegations stem from an investigation into the financing of the far-right party's local election campaign in 2011, parliamentary elections in 2012 and the presidential campaign in the same year. Marine Le Pen says she is “not legally involved” in the affair.

Nicolas Sarkozy wins back leadership of conservative opposition party

The former French president, eyeing a return to power, scored less in the UMP party election than expected, collecting 64.5% of votes cast.

French Senate swings to the Right as Front National win two seats


For the last three years France's upper chamber of parliament, the Senate, has been under the political control of the Left, a rarity in the history of the Fifth Republic. On Sunday that brief interlude ended when, as expected, the Right regained control of the chamber during partial elections, with the centre-right faring especially well. And for the first time the far-right Front National gained entry to the Senate, picking up two seats. Meanwhile the ruling Socialist Party took comfort from the fact that a number of its candidates fared better than expected, though there were some symbolic defeats for key allies of President François Hollande. Mathieu Magnaudeix analyses the significance of the weekend's elections.

Far-right wins its first-ever seats in French Senate

The Front National won two seats in Sunday's senatorial elections, when the socialists and their allies lost their majority in favour of the Right. 

Hillary Clinton tells French radio 'a woman will be elected to White House'

Clinton is on a media tour to promote her new book, though many see the increased media exposure as a prelude to a presidential campaign.

A new French revolution is about to rip apart the EU

France is coming close to one of its periodic political 'explosions' that will profoundly re-shape the EU, argues British economist Roger Bootle.

European elections special: where the candidates to head the EU Commission stand on the controversial transatlantic trade treaty

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The free trade treaty currently being hammered out between the European Union and the United States is a major issue in this week’s elections of members of the European Parliament, which in France will be held on Sunday. For this year also sees the departure of EU Commission president José Manuel Barroso, and for the first time the new head of this key EU body will be appointed from the political grouping that does best in this week’s continent-wide elections. Here, Mediapart's Brussels correspondent Ludovic Lamant questions all of the parties’ declared candidates for the post of Commission president - Martin Schulz, Guy Verhofstadt, Alexis Tsipras, José Bové and Jean-Claude Juncker – and hears their conflicting views on the transatlantic free trade deal.

French government announces tax relief as euro election looms

Prime minister Manuel Valls says move will exempt 1.8 million households from income tax, with €1 billion cost funded by anti tax fraud measures.


‘To exit Europe, is to exit history,’ France's Hollande warns

Attacking a growing tide of Euroscepticism in France, Hollande said that the EU had brought peace and economic stability to the continent.

Hollande admits 'no chance' of re-election without job creation

French president tells workers that if jobless totals stay same 'I have either no reason to be a candidate or no chance of being re-elected'.

French tycoon Dassault investigated for vote-rigging

The former mayor is being probed over vote buying, complicity in illegal election campaign financing and exceeding campaign spending limits.

Hollande hit by National Front vote in municipal elections

The far-right FN wins its first mayoral seat since 1995 and appears well placed to gain other towns as ruling socialists hit by record low turnout.

National Front aims for breakthrough in France’s local elections

Far-right FN may benefit from weak economy under François Hollande’s socialist government and centre-right opposition mired in scandals.

European Right's 'disastrous' choice of Jean-Claude Juncker as Euro election head

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The former Luxembourg prime minister has just been voted by Europe's mainstream right-wing parties to be their lead candidate ahead of May's European elections. Under new EU rules now in place this means the veteran politician could well become the president of the European Commission later this year. But for many observers Jean-Claude Juncker is indelibly linked to a dated vision of Europe that belongs to the last century. And as Dan Israel and Ludovic Lamant report, he is also closely identified with the financial secrecy of his native country.

Christiane Taubira on French identity crisis: 'France is in distress'

Justice minister says there is a 'kind of rage' in France and that it needs to regain its 'sense of history and its capacity to live together'.