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Speed caps introduced on e-scooters in Paris

After mounting public concern and anger at deaths and injuries of pedestrians caused by electric scooters in Paris, rental companies have introduced geo-location systems to automatically apply a 10 kph speed limit to the machines in designated busy areas of the capital.

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France introduces new regulations on electric scooters

After series of accidents country is now imposing a speed limit of 25 kilometres per hour on the vehicles with a fine of €1500 for people possessing e-scooters capable of a higher speed limit.

French government mulls crackdown on use of electric scooters

Just days after the rider of an electric scooter was killed in a collision with a motorbike on a motorway near Paris, French transport ministry officials met on Monday with victims of accidents involving scooters amid preparations for stricter legislation regarding the use of the machines which have become a popular form of locomotion in cities around the country.

France to ban electric scooters from pavements after rise in accidents

Around 15,000 rental scooters have flooded Paris since introduction last year with the number expected to rise to 40,000 by the end of this year.