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Élisabeth Borne to replace François de Rugy as environment minister

Transport minister replaces de Rugy who quit after a week of reports by Mediapart about his high spending on private dinners and renovations of his ministerial residence.

French minister rolls out plan for city traffic congestion charges

French transport minister Élisabeth Borne said a draft law on mobility is now being vetted by the state council and will be presented to parliament next month which allows for cities to introduce urban tolls on vehicle traffic and to set limits on how much these would cost.

French transport minister urges more talks as long rail strike looms

Following a call by the principal French railworkers' unions for twice-weekly rolling strikes over three months from April, in protest at plans to open up part of the state-run network to private competition and changes to workers' employment conditions, transport minister Elisabeth Borne on Friday urged further negotiations, hinting at a possible delay of the liberalisation reforms.