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State inspectors urge President Hollande to hold official inquiry over sacked Elysée advisor

Three weeks after François Hollande's powerful advisor Aquilino Morelle was forced to quit the Elysée following Mediapart's allegations of a conflict of interest, the president is once more caught up in the affair. The leading trade union at the elite public watchdog where Morelle worked while also consulting for the pharmaceutical industry is frustrated at the lack of action from the state and has called on President Hollande to intervene and order a full official investigation. Some of the watchdog’s officials feel they need an inquiry to show they are above suspicion and “transparent” as an organisation. “Our credibility is at stake,” one inspector told Mediapart. Mathilde Mathieu and Michaël Hajdenberg report.

President Hollande: the grim verdict after two years

A l'Elysée, le 1er mai, lors de la traditionnelle cérémonie de remise du muguet. © (Elysée) A l'Elysée, le 1er mai, lors de la traditionnelle cérémonie de remise du muguet. © (Elysée)

May 6th, 2014 marks the second anniversary of François Hollande's election as president of the French Republic. Any celebrations, however, are likely to be muted. Six weeks after disastrous local election results that led to a government reshuffle, and just three weeks before European elections where his Socialist Party looks set to come third, the president is at a record low in opinion polls. Hated by the Right and mistrusted by sections of the Left, Hollande now has three years in which to recover from a near-total rejection by the French public. As Hubert Huertas argues, that will be no easy task.

Hollande's special advisor quits after Mediapart revelations over 'conflict of interest'

Aquilino Morelle quittant l'Elysée. © (dr) Aquilino Morelle quittant l'Elysée. © (dr)

President François Hollande's special advisor Aquilino Morelle dramatically quit his job on Friday after Mediapart published revelations about his conflict of interest while working as a government inspector. Morelle, a friend of current French Prime Minister Manuel Valls, carried out private consultancy work for a pharmaceutical company while working for France's public service inspectorate, the Inspection générale des affaires sociales (IGAS). Though Morelle insisted the work had been correctly declared at the time, both his former boss and IGAS itself say he was never given authorisation. The departure of a key figure from the presidential Elysée Palace over claims of an undeclared conflict of interest will be a major embarrassment for President Hollande who, during his 2012 election campaign, promised an “exemplary Republic” under his leadership. Michaël Hajdenberg reports.

France under fire over presidential wine sale

President Francois Hollande is accused of selling off France's heritage with an auction of hundreds of bottles of fine wine from the Elysee Palace.

France’s Republican Guard ‘too costly’, watchdog rules

Cour des Comptes says guard, which protects president and his palace, is too expensive and would be unable to resist a terrorist attack in Paris.

Hollande's 'Dijon syndrome': the telling reasons behind the French president’s style of government


A year ago on 6th May 2012 François Hollande won the French presidential election and took office nine days later. Having won the election partly because of his 'Mr Normal' image, the president’s method of governing the country has since attracted heavy criticism from all quarters, including from inside his own party. To mark the anniversary of Hollande's victory Stéphane Alliès analyses the powerful influences that have shaped the president’s approach to power and finds that they can be traced back to the day he was voted in as Socialist Party boss at Dijon a decade ago.

New 'Karachi' probe opened against Sarkozy

Investigation to see if the ex-president violated a confidentiality law when the Elysee published a press release on the affair in September 2011.

President Hollande moves to reassure doubters

“Decline is not our destiny" French president tells his first full press conference at Elysée palace as he battles to dispel doubts over leadership.