Macron campaign says it is the victim of massive hacking attack

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Team says fake documents, mixed with authentic ones, were released in bid to sow doubt and misinformation before voters go to the polls.

French workers now have right to avoid out-of-hours work emails

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From January 1st, workers have ‘right to disconnect’ as France seeks to establish agreements that allow for work flexibility but avoid burnout.

French ponder 'right' to disconnect from work emails at home

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Planned law would require French companies to encourage employees to turn off phones and other devices after they leave work.

French law 'to give staff right to snub emails outside office hours'

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Labour minister Myriam El Khomri is reportedly planning to introduce law that bans employers from sending staff out-of-hours emails or texts.

No, France did not ban workers from answering emails after 6pm

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Stories that French employees cannot respond to emails after stopping work in the afternoon appear to have been lost in translation...

'It was child's play': how a hacker broke into MEPs' secret email accounts

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A hacker using elementary computer equipment and what he described as “a few bits of knowledge that everyone is capable of finding on the internet” has succeeded in accessing confidential emails and personal files of Members of the European Parliament, their assistants and even the institution’s IT experts, Mediapart can reveal. The operation was, he said, mounted as a demonstration of the vulnerability of security at both the parliament in Strasbourg and also among many national administrations which use software, notably that of Microsoft, that experts have for years warned is exposed to espionage manipulations through fundamental - and what some suggest are possibly deliberate - flaws. While the scandal of mass surveillance employed by the US National Security Agency continues to unfold, Jérôme Hourdeaux reports on how major public institutions like the European Parliament continue to expose themselves to almost mundane intrusion of confidential data.