Migration study finds dramatic rise in numbers leaving France


The numbers of people leaving France to live abroad has risen dramatically over the past eight years in comparison to the numbers of those taking up residence in the country, according to a study published this week by the French National Institute of Statistics and Economic Studies. The institute also found that immigration now accounts for a relatively small proportion of the growth in the French population. Michel de Pracontal reports.

French president, PM appeal to Jews to remain in France

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Jews 'have their place in France' said François Hollande, while PM Manuel Valls told French Jews 'France does not want you to leave'.

French say au revoir to France

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More than two million French people now live abroad, and most are crossing the channel and heading to London.

Number of French Jews emigrating to Israel soars

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The first nine months of 2013 saw numbers of French Jews emigrating to Israel rise 49% year-on year, while average rise from all countries was 1%.