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France investigates Renault for suspected emissions fraud

French car firm denies any suggestion it cheated on tests for diesel engines making the vehicles dangerous for human or animal health.

French probe cannot rule out diesel cheat

Environment ministry says investigation shows a large number of diesel cars emit much higher levels of pollution than manufacturers claim.

Renault recalls 15,000 vehicles for emissions correction

The announcement follows French inspectors' raids on three Renault sites this month in a probe into the veracity of the carmaker's emissions claims.

Renault sites raided in exhaust emmissions fraud probe

Renault shares fell sharply on news that inspectors raided three sites near Paris, but carmaker and energy minister insisted no 'defeat device' was found. 

French police raid Volkswagen offices

The Paris prosecutor’s office said computer hardware was seized in raids prompted by US revelations of defeat devices to cheat emissions tests.