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French pensions reform battle: the mounting calls for a tax on the super-rich

France — Analysis

Nationwide demonstrations against French President Emmanuel Macron’s reform of the pensions system continued on Tuesday, in the tenth separate day of action called by trade unions. The protests are chiefly over the reform’s raising of the age of retirement on full pension rights by two years to 64, which the government argues is necessary to fund the system. But one of the recurrent demands voiced by the marchers is for a tax on the super-rich instead, a proposition, resolutely opposed by Macron, that is also surprisingly gaining ground among elite economic circles. Mathias Thépot reports.

French union leaders slam Macron 'lies' and 'disdain' in TV interview

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Following a televised interview on Wednesday in which Emmanuel Macron made his first public comments since forcing his pension reform legislation through parliament without a vote last week, trades union leaders and opposition parties variously slammed the French president for telling 'lies' and showing 'disdain' and 'contempt' for those against the reform, while another nationwide day of demonstrations and strikes against its implementation is to be held on Thursday.  

The beginning of the end for Macron’s presidency?

France — Opinion

The French government on Thursday announced it will use an article of the constitution that allows it to adopt as legislation its proposed and hotly contested reform of the pensions system without a vote in Parliament. In this op-ed analysis of the move, Mediapart political correspondent Ilyes Ramdani argues that it is not only the latest manifestation of President Emmanuel Macron’s top-down exercise of power, but it may also represent one too many, opening up a profound crisis into which his second and final term in office is now plunged.

Opinion polls ordered by Macron belie claim he was elected on pension reform platform


The strong opposition to Emmanuel Macron’s proposed reform of the pension system, notably raising for most people the age of retirement on full pension rights from 62 to 64, continued on Wednesday, with another day of nationwide protests, the eighth in succession. As the reform reaches its final passage in parliament, the French president and his government insist that the reform was at the centre of his manifesto for re-election last year, and was therefore supported and legitimized by the electorate. But Mediapart can reveal that a series of opinion polls commissioned by Macron’s election campaign team belie the claim. Christophe Gueugneau and Antton Rouget report.

Sunak and Macron hail ‘new chapter’ in UK-France ties

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British and French leaders talk up ‘moment of reunion,’ and unveil new plan to tackle cross-Channel migration. 

Pension reform in France: the grandmother of all battles

Politique — Opinion

The battle against the French government's pension reform is not simply just another protest movement. Three crucial issues are at stake here: social, democratic and civilisational, as shown by the exceptional unity among trade unions opposed to the changes, argues Mediapart’s publishing editor Edwy Plenel in this op-ed article. All the more reason, he writes, to put all our energy into supporting this combat.

Macron hosts British PM in Paris to discuss migration

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Prime minister Rishi Sunak is traevlling to  meet French president Emmanuel Macron with the issue of small boat crossings on the agenda as well as the conflict in Ukraine.

Macron's 'new' approach to Africa - the same old clichés as in the past


The French president has just completed a five-day tour of four African countries, Gabon, Angola, Congo and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Before he left Paris, Emmanuel Macron delivered what was billed as a keynote speech on the future of France's relations with the continent. Yet as Justine Brabant and Ilyes Ramdani say in this analysis of that speech, the French head of state instead delivered a series of clichés and untruths. And, they say, he showed himself incapable of acknowledging his own policy failures in his dealings with African nations.

Emmanuel Macron's mission to counter Russia in Africa

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French president's latest tour of Africa comes at a time of ever-increasing competition from China and Russia, and growing resentment of the close economic ties between France and its former colonies, which some see as a form of continued exploitation.

French interference in Africa is ‘over’ says Macron during tour

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Macron said France harboured no desire to return to past policies of interfering in Africa ahead of an environment summit in Gabon, the first leg of his trip.

Macron urges more aid for Ukraine, but is against 'crushing' Russia

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In an interview with French media, President Emmanuel Macron argued for increased military support for Ukraine to see Russia defeated, but said he did not agree with those who 'want to, above all else, crush Russia', adding that past attempts around the world for regime change have ended in 'total failure'.

Nine acquitted, four convicted over far-right plot to attack Macron

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At the end of a four-week trial, a Paris court has acquitted nine out of a far-right group of 13 men and women aged between 26 and 66 accused of plotting a knife attack against President Emmanuel Macron in 2018.

How pension reform flip-flops have exposed the fickle nature of Macron's government

Politique — Analysis

The current bitterly-opposed pension reforms proposed by the French government are purely designed to save money and have no broader social dimension. This means that President Emmanuel Macron and his supporters are now defending a reform measure which is diametrically opposed to the initial plan they had put forward back in 2017. This U-turn tells us a great deal about the flaws and limp nature of the government writes Ellen Salvi in this analysis of how and why the pension reform plan changed so radically during President Macron's time in office.

France’s Macron ‘changed for real’ on Ukraine, says Zelensky

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Ukraine leader's comments came in an interview published by the Le Figaro daily just as Mr Zelensky was to arrive in Paris for his first visit to France since the invasion began almost one year ago.

Why the French government must drop its brutal and unfair pension reforms

Politique — Opinion

The pension changes proposed by President Emmanuel Macron – the fourth reform in twenty years and which in this case will push the retirement age back from 62 to 64 - will leave no one better off. The demonstrators who have taken to the streets on January 19th and January 31st have fully grasped that point, say Mediapart's Stéphane Alliès, Carine Fouteau and Dan Israel in this op-ed article. They argue that the stubbornness shown by the government, which looks set to force the reforms through the French Parliament, represents a danger to democracy.