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Macron facing the scenario of a return to the urns

French President Emmanuel Macron. © Reuters French President Emmanuel Macron. © Reuters

No French president or prime minister over the past 50 years has survived a political crisis like that in which Emmanuel Macron has become engulfed with the ‘gilets jaunes’ – Yellow Vest – movement, which is calling for improved living conditions for low- and middle-income earners, and increased participation of citizens in political decision making. In this analysis of the crisis, François Bonnet argues why Macron, in order to save his five-year term in office, appears to have little other choice than to return to the urns.

The strange alliance between former allies of Macron and Sarkozy

Clockwise from top left: Emmanuel Macron, Nicolas Sarkozy, Alexandre Djouhri and Alexandre Benalla. © Reuters Clockwise from top left: Emmanuel Macron, Nicolas Sarkozy, Alexandre Djouhri and Alexandre Benalla. © Reuters

In recent weeks the current French president Emmanuel Macron has deepened his ties with former rightwing president Nicolas Sarkozy. The latter recently represented France at a ceremony in Georgia and the pair have lunched together. But by a curious coincidence two of their former allies, each of them facing judicial investigations in France, have also been meeting. They are Alexandre Benalla, President Macron's former security advisor who caused a scandal over the summer after he was filmed using violence against protestors in Paris on May 1st, and Alexandre Djouhri, a businessman and middleman who was close to Nicolas Sarkozy and who is awaiting extradition to France as part of the investigation into Libyan funding of Sarkozy's 2007 election campaign. Fabrice Arfi reports.

France's Macron turns to Sarkozy amid 'yellow vest' protests

Macron has lunched with Sarkozy and sent him to represent France at swearing-in of Georgia’s new president, a move that caused a political stir.

Macron pledges minimum wage rise, tax cuts on pensions, overtime

In an attempt to defuse growing social unrest, French President Emmanuel Macron announced in a televised address on monday a 100-euro rise of the minimum monthly wage, the removal of a tax on pensions below 2,000 euros per month, the ending of taxation on overtime payments and encouraged employers to offer a tax-free end-of-year bonus to employees.

Macron to address nation on Monday in bid to defuse social unrest

French President Emmanuel Macron is to make a televised address to the nation on Monday evening in a much awaited first public reaction to the social unrest that has swept the country since mid-November, when he is expected to announce policy measures to defuse the crisis.

Macron tells PM to hold talks after worst unrest in Paris for decades

Government spokesman said they 'had to think about measures that can be taken so that these incidents don't happen again' after glut of violence.

The 'gilets jaunes' protests: the battle for equality

The Arc de Triomphe,December 1st, 2018. © Karl Laske The Arc de Triomphe,December 1st, 2018. © Karl Laske

The revolt of the 'gilets jaunes', the protesters whose symbol is their yellow hi-vis jackets, is aimed against tax injustice and arbitrary behaviour by the French state. What drives it is that which lies at the heart of of all emancipatory struggles: the demand for equality. Mediapart publishing editor Edwy Plenel argues that its political future will depend on its willingness to embrace common cause with others movements who are advocating equality for all.

Macron calls urgent security meeting after protest violence in Paris

French president returned from the G20 summit in Argentina on Sunday morning and went straight to the Arc de Triomphe to assess the damage.

Macron unveils plan to reduce reliance on nuclear energy

French president will delay meeting the nuclear energy cap goal set by predecessor, François Hollande, by 10 years.

Macron drives ahead with fuel tax policies ahead amid protests

French president says he will not abandon a controversial fuel tax but says is open to ideas and revising how the fuel tax is applied.

Macron to respond over issue of low pay after fuel protests

Minister says it is ‘time to listen’ but French president expected to hold firm on fuel tax rise in new policy announcement.

'Shame' on violent protesters, says Macron after fuel price unrest

President said there was 'no place for violence' after chaos on Champs-Elysées when police used tear gas and water cannon to disperse protesters.

France demands UK climate pledge in return for Brexit trade deal

President Macron and heads of other member states fear Britain could gain advantage over them by undercutting EU environment law.

Macron tells German parliament Europe must block global chaos

In a speech to Germany's parliament, French President Emmanuel Macron said Europe must not become 'a plaything of great powers' and that 'in this global order [...] our true strength lies in unity'.

'He came, he sulked, he tweeted: preening Trump on parade in France'

The Guardian's world affairs editor Julian Borger argues that in the spat between US President Donald Trump and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, 'the outcomes of Trump’s meltdown could be far worse when it is not Macron on the receiving end but, say, Kim Jong-un'.