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Macron talks security with African leaders

French president held talks at the 31st African Union summit taking place in Mauritania's capital Nouakchott.

Macron leads Panthéon tributes to Simone Veil

President said France loved the Holocaust survivor, best known for legalizing abortion in the 1970s, for her 'struggles'.

Mystery of the giant shipping line linked to President Macron's chief of staff

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MSC container ships in the Spanish port of Valencia. © Reuters MSC container ships in the Spanish port of Valencia. © Reuters

Why was Alexis Kohler, who is now secretary general at the Elysee and chief of staff to President Emmanuel Macron, so keen to become finance director at the shipping firm MSC and its cruise company subsidiary MSC Cruises? Yes, the Italian-Swiss group is world number two in maritime freight, is a major cruise company and controls a number of port terminals. But it also uses tax havens and practices tax avoidance, keeps its business confidential and operates in an environment where dangerous shadows lurk. Martine Orange and Cecilia Ferrara investigate.

The ex-wine lobbyist who handles viticulture issues as Élysée advisor

Sharing a glass: Emmanuel Macron at the Salon de l'Agriculture farming show in 2018. © Reuters Sharing a glass: Emmanuel Macron at the Salon de l'Agriculture farming show in 2018. © Reuters

At the request of the French president's office, France's wine sector is preparing to publish a prevention plan against alcohol abuse. However, President Emmanuel Macron's advisor at the Élysée on the issue, Audrey Bourolleau, herself used to be a lobbyist for this powerful sector until last year. Yet despite this apparently glaring conflict of interest, the advisor has continued to be involved in the issue. Antton Rouget reports.

Macron brings back national service

It will cover all 16 year olds and will be divided into two distinct phases; a one-month compulsory stage and a three-month voluntary period.

France agrees to take in some stranded Lifeline rescue ship migrants

French president Emmanuel Macron said France would take a 'few dozen of the migrants as he criticised the German NGO running the ship.

Macron’s Pope visit sparks debate on France’s church-state separation

French president has called for stronger ties between the state and Catholic Church, a move criticised by supporters of France's secular system.

Macron backs sanctions on EU states refusing migrants

On eve of EU migration policy summit, French president says he favours financial penalties on EU states that refuse to accept migrants.

Macron doesn't understand the poor, says France's third richest man

Billionaire François Pinault, 81, who founded a luxury goods group that includes Gucci, says president does not understand  'the little people'.

France's suburbs feel 'disrespected' by Macron plan

President's proposals to get deprived suburbs back on track are so far falling short of expectations, according to some local groups.

A tale of dosh and France's complex reaction to money


President Emmanuel Macron's recent reference to the “shedloads of dosh” that the state pays out in benefits has sparked a lot of discussion about money in France. The controversial phrase was followed by revelations about a huge payout awarded to the outgoing chief executive of a major French company, a controversy over the cost of presidential crockery and a mini-row over footballers' pay. But as Hubert Huertas explains, how people in France react to discussions about money depends on where that money comes from - and who is receiving it.

Macron and Merkel back euro zone budget

Franco-Gernman pair hailed a 'new chapter' for currency union, but left details to be worked out later with other members of the 19-country bloc. 

'Call me Mr President’: Emmanuel Macron scolds teenager

Macron told off a teenager during a visit to Mont Valerian fort where French resistance members were executed.

Italian PM and Macron plan EU 'asylum centres' in African countries

French President Emmanuel Macron and Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, meeting in Paris on Friday after a week-long dispute over Italy's decision to refuse the disembarkation of migrants rescued at sea by NGO ship Aquarius, agreed that the EU should set up migration processing centres in African countries of departure.

Macron launches reform of 'moth-eaten' welfare system

Emmanuel Macron speaking in Montpellier, June 13th 2018. © DR Emmanuel Macron speaking in Montpellier, June 13th 2018. © DR

French President Emmanuel Macron this week presented a broad outline of a future reform of the country’s welfare system, in a speech to a congress of health insurance companies. Beyond an announcement of measures to facilitate access to certain types of healthcare and boost the prevention of illness, Macron said the current welfare system, which he described as “moth-eaten”, was a failed model, but insisted the solutions to its problems “cannot be budgetary”. Attacking poverty, he said, can only succeed by making people “responsible” for their lives. Manuel Jardinaud analyses the president’s speech and concludes that behind the catchphrases and carefully avoided issues emerges Macron’s strategy for the dismantling of France’s cherished social protection system.