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The 'gilets jaunes' protests: the battle for equality

The Arc de Triomphe,December 1st, 2018. © Karl Laske The Arc de Triomphe,December 1st, 2018. © Karl Laske

The revolt of the 'gilets jaunes', the protesters whose symbol is their yellow hi-vis jackets, is aimed against tax injustice and arbitrary behaviour by the French state. What drives it is that which lies at the heart of of all emancipatory struggles: the demand for equality. Mediapart publishing editor Edwy Plenel argues that its political future will depend on its willingness to embrace common cause with others movements who are advocating equality for all.

Macron calls urgent security meeting after protest violence in Paris

French president returned from the G20 summit in Argentina on Sunday morning and went straight to the Arc de Triomphe to assess the damage.

Macron unveils plan to reduce reliance on nuclear energy

French president will delay meeting the nuclear energy cap goal set by predecessor, François Hollande, by 10 years.

Macron drives ahead with fuel tax policies ahead amid protests

French president says he will not abandon a controversial fuel tax but says is open to ideas and revising how the fuel tax is applied.

Macron to respond over issue of low pay after fuel protests

Minister says it is ‘time to listen’ but French president expected to hold firm on fuel tax rise in new policy announcement.

'Shame' on violent protesters, says Macron after fuel price unrest

President said there was 'no place for violence' after chaos on Champs-Elysées when police used tear gas and water cannon to disperse protesters.

France demands UK climate pledge in return for Brexit trade deal

President Macron and heads of other member states fear Britain could gain advantage over them by undercutting EU environment law.

Macron tells German parliament Europe must block global chaos

In a speech to Germany's parliament, French President Emmanuel Macron said Europe must not become 'a plaything of great powers' and that 'in this global order [...] our true strength lies in unity'.

'He came, he sulked, he tweeted: preening Trump on parade in France'

The Guardian's world affairs editor Julian Borger argues that in the spat between US President Donald Trump and his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron, 'the outcomes of Trump’s meltdown could be far worse when it is not Macron on the receiving end but, say, Kim Jong-un'.

Trump ups attacks on Macron with jibes on WWII and jobless

US President Donald Trump, apparently displeased with remarks warning against rise of nationalism pronounced by French President Emmanuel Macron during Armistice Day ceremonies attended in Paris by the US head of state, took to Twitter on Tuesday to say that 'They were starting to learn German in Paris before the U.S. came along', underlining that France suffers from high unemployment, adding, 'By the way, there is no country more Nationalist than France'.

Macron in Armistice Day warning of return of 'old demons'

French President Emmanuel Macron led a ceremony in Paris attended by more than 60 heads of state and dignitaries, including US President Donald Trump and his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, when he warned against the return of 'old demons' and issued a plea 'to prioritise peace over everything'.

Six arrested over 'attack plot' against Macron

Five men and a woman which prosecutors said have links to far-right circles have been arrested in several locations across France on suspicion of preparing a 'violent' aatack against President Emmanuel Macron.

Far-right parties overtake Macron for first time in France poll

Marine Le Pen’s RN moves ahead of Macron’s La République En Marche! as far-right parties gain combined 30% share of voting intentions.

Fears over France's backwards steps on climate and energy

Paris, March 18th, 2015. © Reuters Paris, March 18th, 2015. © Reuters

The French government is shortly due due to announce its plans on energy use and carbon dioxide emission reductions to be implemented up to 2028. Environmental groups are worried the country is set to reduce its ambition on emissions targets and on the decommissioning of its nuclear power stations. Figures meanwhile show that Paris is not currently meeting its existing carbon emission commitments, a revelation that comes just weeks before the next climate change summit, COP24, takes place in Poland. Christophe Gueugneau reports.

Macron’s EU influence in doubt as Merkel’s fades

Merkel’s decision to stand down now as CDU party leader has forced French president to reassess prospects for critical relationship with Berlin.