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French government wants more Sunday shopping

Under new proposals councils would be allowed to grant trading licences on 12 Sundays a year, compared to the current five.

France warns EU that 300 bln-euro investment plan must be 'real money'

French economy minister wants the EU to come up with 60-80 billion euros in cash as part of the plan, far more than the sum expected.

France 'sure' that EC will approve its under-target 2015 budget plan

French economy minister said he is 'totally sure' of commission's approval, even though budget deficit targets would not be met before 2017.

French government at odds with itself over urgency of jobless benefits reform

Finance minister and president say changes can wait until 2016 but economy minister and prime minister say they want action 'in short term'.

French economy minister calls for EU ‘New Deal’

Emmanuel Macron, who also promised to accelerate fiscal reforms at home, said 300 billion euro 'New Deal' would boost investment and growth.

French economy minister causes outrage over 'illiterate workers' comment

In a radio interview Emmanuel Macron described some of the largely female workforce facing lay-offs at a Brittany abattoir as 'illiterate'.

Rothschild: the story of a bank's intimate relationship with French government


The newly-appointed minister of the economy, Emmanuel Macron, is the latest in a series of French politicians going back to the days of President Georges Pompidou who have come to government from the influential Paris-based investment bank Rothschild et Cie. In September 2012, a few months after Macron had become President François Hollande's deputy chief of staff, Mediapart's Martine Orange published a book investigating the power and influence that the Rothschild bank wields because of its position at the junction of French politics and business. Mediapart publishes selected extracts from the book below to shed light both on the new minister and the bank itself, with an introduction by Mediapart's editor François Bonnet.

New French economy minister takes aim at 35-hour week

Emmanuel Macron wants businesses to be able to ignore the 35-hour rule 'as long as they have majority backing from the unions'.

French economy minister dismisses the 'dead stars' of traditional left-wing ideology


Emmanuel Macron this week replaced anti-austerity rebel Arnaud Montebourg as France’s new economy minister, a role that places him at the forefront of the socialist government’s struggle to return the country to growth and bring down record unemployment. Macron, who was latterly President François Hollande’s deputy chief-of-staff, has until now remained a figure unknown to the wider public, and an even more obscure one concerning his political vision. In an interview with Mediapart’s Lénaïg Bredoux and Joseph Confavreux last year, of which the principle extracts are published here, he detailed the reasons why he believes the Left must undergo a profound renovation to rid itself of what he believes is antiquated ideology and past certitudes that he described as "dead stars".

The one-time philosopher, banker and civil servant appointed as France's new economy minister

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The French government reshuffle on Tuesday saw the replacement of rebel economy and industry minister Arnaud Montebourg by Emmanuel Macron, a former banker and deputy chief-of-staff to President François Hollande. Macron, 36, who first began a career as a philosopher, is unknown to the public, but has played a crucial role as advisor to the French president on economic policies. Lénaïg Bredoux and Martine Orange profile the man in the hot seat in charge of steering France through increasingly dangerous economic waters.