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French minister's plea over planned sale of Dailymotion to Asian firm

Economy minister Emmanuel Macron says Orange, owners of the video platform, should consider all bids - including from European firms.

Nuclear firm's financial meltdown: workers set to pay heavy price for French elites' blunders


The giant French nuclear group Areva, whose core business is making nuclear reactors, has just announced staggering losses of 4.8 billion euros in 2014. That comes on top of nearly 3 billion euros of losses racked up in preceding years. In a bid to resolve this disastrous situation the state-owned company is now drawing up a restructuring plan that could lead to thousands of job losses. However, the group's woes cannot simply be blamed on recent events such as the Fukushima nuclear disaster in Japan or a cyclical downturn. Instead the group's terrible financial position has been building for many years thanks to industrial squabbles, bad management decisions and poor strategy. But as ever, says Mediapart's Martine Orange, it looks as if it will be the workforce who will pay the price of the group's failings rather than France's industrial, civil service and political elites despite their responsibility for this industrial fiasco.

Hollande fiddles while France spurns influence in Europe

A mini-reshuffle has taken place involving President François Hollande's senior advisor on the European Union. First the advisor was shunted to the prime minister's office, then it was confirmed he would remain as the head of state's 'sherpa' in charge of summit meetings in Brussels. As Ludovic Lamant and Mathieu Magnaudeix explain, this rearranging of advisors on the deck of state is symbolic of how, nearly three years after his election, President Hollande has shown himself incapable of presenting a clear, coherent and strong policy on Europe that would enable France to punch its full weight in Brussels. The result, fear some observers, is that France has lost considerable clout in the corridors of European power.

France's economy minister vows to push through reforms

Emmanuel Macron said government ready to override parliament again after forcing through package of business-friendly laws without a vote.

French government survives no-confidence vote in parliament

The no-confidence motion was triggered by the socialist government's use of a decree to force through pro-business reforms after a leftist revolt.

French parliament approves Sunday shopping zones

Economy minister Emmanuel Macron's bill allows 'tourist' zones in Paris and other cities where shops can trade on Sundays and until midnight.

French minister ‘received death threats’ over reforms

Emmanuel Macron, whose reforms aim to 'unblock' the French economy, has started legal action against 'certain public officials' after the threats.

French economy minister complains France has 'protected jobs rather than people'

But Emmanuel Macron also said at technology show in Las Vegas that creation and innovation are 'part of the French DNA'.

The battle to stop Toulouse Airport sell-off


Local residents and councillors have launched a legal bid to stop one of France's leading regional airports falling under the effective control of a Chinese-led consortium. Though economy minister Emmanuel Macron denies that Toulouse-Blagnac Airport in the south-west of the country is being 'privatised', Mediapart has published leaked documents that contradict this. For while the joint Chinese-Canadian group involved has bought 'only' 49.9% of the shares, they will have full de facto authority over key decisions about the airport's future. On Tuesday the takeover's opponents failed to get an emergency injunction to stop the sale going ahead. But the courts will now examine in detail whether the sale procedure was conducted legally. Laurent Mauduit reports on the fight to keep the airport under public control.

France bids to show reform drive with deregulation bill

Wide-ranging bill aims to let shops open more often on Sundays, resolve disputes over firings more rapidly and deregulate legal profession.

French government wants more Sunday shopping

Under new proposals councils would be allowed to grant trading licences on 12 Sundays a year, compared to the current five.

France warns EU that 300 bln-euro investment plan must be 'real money'

French economy minister wants the EU to come up with 60-80 billion euros in cash as part of the plan, far more than the sum expected.

France 'sure' that EC will approve its under-target 2015 budget plan

French economy minister said he is 'totally sure' of commission's approval, even though budget deficit targets would not be met before 2017.

French government at odds with itself over urgency of jobless benefits reform

Finance minister and president say changes can wait until 2016 but economy minister and prime minister say they want action 'in short term'.

French economy minister calls for EU ‘New Deal’

Emmanuel Macron, who also promised to accelerate fiscal reforms at home, said 300 billion euro 'New Deal' would boost investment and growth.