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Macron affirms love for France after 'resistant Gauls' aside

Macron's praise for Danes as open to new ideas and description of French as 'Gauls who are resistant to change' had prompted criticism at home.

Macron urges EU to bolster defence without reliance on US

In a speech to French ambassadors in Paris, French President Emmanuel Macron said 'Europe cannot rely on the United States only for its security' and that 'it's up to us to meet our responsibilities and guarantee our security, and therefore European sovereignty', including in cooperation with Russia.

Macron holds cabinet meeting before tough return to business

French President Emmanuel Macron held a post-holiday cabinet meeting of ministers ahead of challenging months ahead when he faces stern opposition to his planned reforms of the pensions system, an overhaul of the public healthcare system and a shake-up the highly unionized public sector, amid forecasts that economic growth is slower than expected.

Storm awaits Macron after uneasy summer calm

The months following September’s rentrée, when millions return from holidays, will test the resolve of French President Emmanuel Macron, who came to power last year on a pledge to uproot his country’s traditions of work and exclusion and now faces his first major confrontations with public anger and perceptions of entrenched privilege.

Macron joins tributes to Kofi Annan

Following the death of former UN secretary general and and Nobel peace laureate Kofi Annan, French President Emmanuel Macron joined a flood of tributes to the Ghanaian, saying, 'We will never forget his calm and strong-willed look, nor the passion he gave for his fights'.

Enamoured Trump 'constantly' calls Macron, says former US official

A former US national security official has claimed that President Donald Trump has a 'bizarre' desire to 'constantly' call French President Emmanuel Macron, sometimes for no particular reason and leaving Macron bemused.

'A man of power like the others': what voters think of Macron after Benalla affair

Opinion was divided on the lakeside beach at Sillé-le-Guillaume in central west France. © Justine Brabant Opinion was divided on the lakeside beach at Sillé-le-Guillaume in central west France. © Justine Brabant

In an attempt to play down the Benalla affair, the minister for equality Marlène Schiappa claimed that the issue did not interest “the people”. To test this assertion Mediapart went to  her political stronghold, the central western city of Le Mans, visiting both its plusher districts where Emmanuel Macron picked up 35% of the first-round vote last year, and more working class areas. As Justine Brabant found, while the affair involving the president's bodyguard dressing in police insignia and beating up protestors has not shaken people's convictions, many profess to be weary of politics – both that of the old world and Macron's “new world”.

May and Macron hold 'informal' Brexit talks in France

Private dinner took place between France's president and his wife, Brigitte, and May and her husband, Philip, at the 13th-century Fort Brégançon.

Why the buck stops with Macron over Benalla scandal

Alexandre Benalla and President Emmanuel Macron. © Reuters Alexandre Benalla and President Emmanuel Macron. © Reuters

Without Emmanuel Macron there would have been no Alexandre Benalla at the Élysée; for the man who dressed with police insignia and assaulted demonstrators owes everything to the president. But, equally, there would be no Benalla scandal without the support given by the president of the Republic to his trusted aide. Mediapart publishing editor Edwy Plenel says that it is this protection, even lying, that makes this scandal an affair of state.

May to visit Macron for Brexit talks at president's holiday retreat

British Prime Minister Theresa May will end her holiday in Italy with a visit to French President Emmanuel Macron on Friday at the latter's official holiday home at the fort of Brigançon in southern France, when the two are expected to discuss increasing tensions over the stalemate in negotiations to reach a deal before Britain's exit from the European Union next March.

New video shows Macron aide and associate illegally 'policing' May Day crowds

Alexandre Benalla (circled, with white hood) and Vincent Crase (circled right) during the arrest of a man in the Jardin des plantes on May 1st. Alexandre Benalla (circled, with white hood) and Vincent Crase (circled right) during the arrest of a man in the Jardin des plantes on May 1st.

French President Emmanuel Macron’s security aide Alexandre Benalla, together with an employee of Macron’s ruling LREM party, Vincent Crase, were involved on May 1st in other incidents before they assaulted a man among May Day crowds at a square in the Latin Quarter of Paris. In a new video obtained by Mediapart, the two men, officially present alongside police as civilian “observers” of crowd-control operations that day, can be seen heavy-handedly joining in the arrest of a man at a public park. The new evidence of their violent and illegal behaviour that day further deepens the scandal of a suspected cover-up of their actions by the presidential office and senior police hierarchy.

Poll shows Macron's ratings dip following July scandal

The results of an Ifop opinion poll published on Sunday show French President Emmanuel Macron's popularity rating as falling to 39 percent of those questioned, one percentage point down from a similar Ifop survey in June, apparently as the result of his handling of the scandal surroung his disgraced security aide who beat up a man during May Day disturbances while wearing police insignia.

Macron aide scandal: illegally copied CCTV footage given to Élysée ended up on Twitter

Alexandre Benalla (foreground) during the May Day marches in Paris on May 1st. © DR Alexandre Benalla (foreground) during the May Day marches in Paris on May 1st. © DR

The unfolding scandal prompted by videos of the vicious assault of a man during May Day disturbances by President Emmanuel Macron’s private security aide Alexandre Benalla now includes the revelation that confidential police CCTV footage of the events in a Paris square were published on Twitter by supporters of Macron’s party in an attempt to denigrate Benalla’s victim. Screenshots obtained by Mediapart show the images, apparently from a CD copy of the footage given to Benalla by police officers, and which Benalla said he immediately handed to the Élysée Palace, were posted on social media just after Benalla’s thuggish behaviour was revealed by French daily Le Monde – before being removed just hours later.Karl Laske, Pascale Pascariello and Lénaïg Bredoux report.

Scandal-hit Macron looses his shine among French voters

The far-reaching scandal surrounding Emmanuel Macron's former security aide has deeply bruised the young French president's aura of modernity and candour, reports The Guardian from northern Burgundy.

Shamed Élysée aide says he was 'weak link' for Macron's enemies

In his first interview since prompting the worst crisis of Emmanuel Macron's presidency, disgraced security aide Alexandre Benalla said 'my case has been used to settle scores' and accused 'politicians and police' of using him as 'weak link' with which to hurt the French president.