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How energy price crisis is putting the squeeze on French bakers

Économie et social — Analysis

Not long ago, artisan bakers were doing well in France's villages, towns and city centres as Covid restrictions encouraged people to shop local. But that has all now changed with the cost of living crisis, as the rising price of energy and raw ingredients has put their finances under pressure. And with households also feeling the pinch from the cost of living squeeze, France's bakers say they cannot keep on putting up prices indefinitely in order to make ends meet. Mathias Thépot reports.

When compulsory education in French schools no longer seems quite so compulsory

France — Opinion

Ministers have made it clear that some schools may have to close in the mornings this winter if France undergoes selective power cuts to cope with energy demand. Coming three years after the first Covid lockdowns, when schools were systematically closed, this policy once again raises questions over the priority being given to ensuring that France's schools remain open and that pupils keep learning. In this op-ed article, Mediapart's education correspondent Mathilde Goanec argues that the universal principle of compulsory education for all is now coming under constant attack.

Macron warns of difficult winter ahead and 'end of abundance'

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French President Emmanuel Macron, citing notably the effects of climate change and the war in Ukraine, warned of difficult times ahead this winter and announced the end of an 'era of abundance', causing angry comments from among his opponents who retorted that many in France are jobless and poor. 

France bets on more nuclear power in face of Europe energy crisis

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Emmanuel Macron is expected to announce the use of ‘mini-reactors’ as political and public opinion shifts in France.